Tour this Boston-area retailer's produce department

02:17PM Sep 10, 2019
( Amy Sowder )

We heard a lot of good things about the nearby Market Basket location while touring the Boston Market Terminal and New England Produce Center — so we stopped by ourselves to check out why it got such high praise.

What we experienced was a store that wasn't high-end but had top-notch selection. The diversity of produce was almost mind-boggling, with large Latin, Caribbean and Asian sections. And the prices were still reasonable.

We also noticed the merchandising skill of combining like products. For instance, the intuitive placements of  products like bottles of soy sauce above the fresh bok choy could nudge shoppers to buy when common recipe  ideas are made easy.

Food trends popped up all over, from vegetable noodles to dragonfruit.

Watch our video slide show to see what you think.

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Tour this Boston-area Market Basket's produce department