Track Profitability By Field

12:08PM Sep 14, 2018
Harvest 2017
Harvest in west central Missouri
( Sonja Begemann )

Each field is a beast all its own. Some fields are going to make more money than others. Through a collaboration with John Deere and Granular, farmers can track what fields are making money, and what fields might need to trim some fat to be profitable.

Available in the John Deere Operations Center, Profit Maps is a free tool that helps farmers view average cost, revue and profit map layers at sub-field levels. The tool combines machine and production data with business management capability to understand profitability better, according to Harley Janssen, product manager with Granular.

“Understanding a farm’s financial health at the field level is one of the most important jobs of every producer,” Janssen said in a recent press release. “Profit Maps is a free tool that goes a step further and helps farmers assess the financial return on farming practices at a more granular sub-field level.”

This is the first of a multi-phased approach from the John Deere and Granular collaborations. To access Profit Maps, click the Granular Profit Maps icon on the tools menu in the Operations Center. After that farmers can access the cost, revenue and profit mapping in the Field Analyzer tool.

“Technology advancements have helped farmers to turn variability across their fields into opportunities to improve their profitability,” said Brad Silva, product manager for John Deere. “Profit Maps helps farmers see the financial impact of those decision so that they can fine-tune their management practices.”