Tractor Showroom (2009)

December 27, 2008 04:37 AM

Enjoy these row-crop tractors advertised at 150 PTO hp and above, as well as four-wheel-drive models available in the U.S.

Row-Crop Tractors


The AGCO RT Series packs performance and efficiency into six models that range from 110 PTO hp to 180 PTO hp. Outfitted with AGCO engines, the RT110a, RT120a, RT140a and RT155a are equipped with 6.6-liter engines, and the RT165a and RT180a models have 7.4-liter engines. The 24F/24R Auto-6 transmission features the AutoDrive controller, which has three different modes (manual, speed-matching and AutoDrive). The PowerMaxx continuously variable transmission is available as an option for the RT110a, RT120a, RT140a and RT155a models. Standard hydraulics run at 29 gpm. The spool-valve management system, available on the RT140a, RT155a and RT165a, is an optional joystick feature that increases hydraulic flow to 39 gpm.


The AGCO DT Series has four models in the 180 PTO hp to 240 PTO hp range. The tractors are powered by AGCO engines: 7.4-liter engines in the DT180a and DT200a and 8.4-liter engines in the DT220a and DT240a. The standard transmission, the PowerMaxx continuously variable transmission, features infinite speeds and has two cruise controls per range. The PowerShuttle control lever can be used as a secondary transmission speed control, as well as to disengage the transmission. The HydraMaxx front axle suspension is optional. The maximum hydraulic flow runs at 39 gpm for all models. The spool-valve management system controls the electrohydraulic valves and electronic remote valves.



The Versatile Series of row-crop tractors from Buhler Industries
includes a 200 PTO hp model and a 225 PTO hp model. The series is powered by Cummins QSC 8.3-liter engines. The 18F/9R full powershift transmission is standard. Shifting features include pulse shift, sequential shift, straight-line shuttle, programmable up-and-down shift, automatic speed matching and programmable reverse. Versatile tractors are available with an optional Ultrasteer front axle to achieve a tighter turning radius, as well as an optional traction control system. Electrohydraulics, which provide fingertip operation to control flow up to 30 gpm, are standard. The optional HydraFlow Plus increases flow to 55 gpm at rated engine speed.



The Case IH Puma Series has nine models ranging from 95 PTO hp to 195 PTO hp. All models are outfitted with 6.75-liter Case IH engines. The power boost provides up to 35 hp of additional power during PTO or hydraulic applications and transport. The standard powershift transmission is 18F/6R. Other full powershift transmission options include EconoGear, Hi-Speed or Creeper, which provides an additional 10F/6R. The long wheelbase (LWB) models—165, 180, 190, 210 and 225—are all available with a continuously variable transmission. Short wheelbase models have hydraulic flow of 43 gpm. Standard hydraulic flow for LWB models is 48 gpm, or an optional high-flow pump can be added for a total flow of 56.6 gpm.



The Case IH Magnum Series ranges from 150 PTO hp to 275 PTO hp. All eight models in the series are powered by Case IH engines. On the 180, 190 and 210 models the standard transmission is a 18F/6R
powershift; optional transmissions include a 19th economy gear or a 19th fast gear. On the 215, 245, 275, 305 and 335 models the standard powershift transmission is 18F/4R; optional transmissions include a 19th economy gear, a 19th fast gear and 23F/6R creeper. Hydraulic flow is as follows: the 180, 190 and 210 models run at 39.6 gpm standard; the 215, 245, 275 and 305 models run at 44 gpm standard and 59 gpm optional; and the 335 model runs at 46 gpm standard and 62 gpm optional. The optional TwinFlow is available for increased hydraulic capacity on the 215, 245, 275, 305 and 335 models.



The Challenger 600B Series has four models in the 180 PTO hp to
240 PTO hp range. The series is powered by Sisu Diesel engines; the MT635B and MT645B are powered by Endurance 74 ETA 7.4-liter engines, and the MT655B and MT665B are powered by Endurance
84 ETA 8.4-liter engines. The series is outfitted with the TechStar
continuously variable transmission, which features stepless, infinite control that constantly adjusts for the productive balance of transmission ratio and engine speed. Two preset preferred working speeds can be programmed and viewed on the dash's digital screen display. Hydraulics for the 600B Series run at 39 gpm. Timing and flow for the four valves are independently adjustable from the armrest controls, and a fifth and sixth hydraulic outlet are optional.



The Challenger MT700C Series includes two tracked models, ranging from 245 PTO hp to 265 PTO hp. Both are powered by Caterpillar C9 ACERT engines and outfitted with Caterpillar powershift 16F/4R transmissions with an optional creeper gear. The power management feature coordinates engine speed with the transmission. The MT700C tractors are outfitted with the Mobil-Trac undercarriage system and the Opti-Ride suspension system. Maximum hydraulic flow runs from 43.5 gpm to 59 gpm depending on pump configuration. The hydraulic system is equipped with up to six in-line fingertip controls and electronic adjustable rate flow control from the cab for precise flow rates. The C Series is outfitted with ISOBUS technology to allow communication between an ISOBUS compliant implement and the tractor.


Challenger MT800C Series 

The Challenger MT800C Series totals five models that range from
410 engine hp to 585 engine hp. The MT835C, MT845C and MT855C are powered by the Caterpillar C15 ACERT engine, and the MT865C and MT875C are powered by Caterpillar's C18 ACERT engine. All tractors are equipped with the 16F/4R Caterpillar powershift transmission, which when coupled with power management coordinates engine speed with the transmission's nine clutch packs to ensure the tractor maintains its speed regardless of steep grades. The C Series uses the Tractor Management Center display outfitted with ISOBUS compatible electronics, a One-Touch headland management system and up to six in-line fingertip controls for hydraulic operations that run at 43.5 gpm (standard) and 59 gpm (optional).



The JCB Fastrac Series features five models in the 137 PTO hp to
243 PTO hp range. All models are powered by Cummins engines; the 2155, 2170, 3200 and 3230 models are powered by a QSB 6.7-liter engine, and the 8250 model is powered by a QSC 8.3-liter engine. All models feature a switch-operated field speed control that can set engine rpm levels. The JCB two-range continuously variable transmission is standard on the 8250 Fastrac model. The 2155, 2170, 3200 and 3230 tractors are equipped with a 54F/18R AutoShift transmission. Hydraulics run at 26 gpm on the 2155 and 2170 models, 27 gpm on the 3200 and 3230 models and 55 gpm on the 8250 model. The optional Plus Pack allows the four hydraulic outlets to be electronically controlled with the touch of a button.



The John Deere 7030 Series, 7030 Premium Series and 7030 Series Large-frame tractors spread across 11 models with a power range from 100 PTO hp to 180 PTO hp. The 7030 models are powered by John Deere 6.8-liter PowerTech E engines. Large-frame and Premium models are powered by John Deere PowerTech Plus 6.8-liter engines. 7030 tractors are base-equipped with 12F/4R SynchroPlus transmissions with optional 16F/16R SynchroPlus, PowrQuad or PowrQuad Plus transmissions. The standard transmission for the Large-frame and Premium models is a 16F/16R PowrQuad Plus with optional Auto-Quad Plus or Infinitely Variable Transmission. Standard hydraulics are as follows: Large-frame models run at 32 gpm, Premium models run at 29 gpm and 7030 models run at 17.5 gpm.



The John Deere 8030 Series includes five wheel models and three track models ranging from 180 PTO hp to 275 PTO hp. The series is powered by John Deere PowerTech Plus 9-liter engines. A 16F/4R powershift transmission is standard on all models except the 8530, which features the Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT) as its standard transmission. The IVT changes speeds seamlessly, and the AutoClutch feature allows for clutchless stopping. IVT is available as an option on all models except the tracked versions. Standard hydraulic pump capacity on the 8130, 8230 and 8330 models is 44 gpm; a 60 gpm pump is optional. Standard hydraulic pump capacity on the 8430 and 8530 models is 60 gpm. All 8030T models have a total hydraulic capacity of 33.5 gpm with an optional 42.5 gpm pump. Independent link suspension is standard on the 8430 and 8530 models and optional on other 8030 Series models.



The Massey Ferguson 6400 Series has eight models with a power range from 100 PTO hp to 180 PTO hp. Three engines are used in the series: a Perkins 1106D 6-liter engine powers the 6465, 6475 and 6480 models, a Sisu Diesel 66 CTA 6.6-liter engine runs the 6485, 6490 and 6495 models and a Sisu Diesel 74 CTA 7.4-liter engine powers the 6497 and 6499 models. All models are outfitted with a 24F/24R Dyna-6 semi-powershift transmission; the Dyna-6 transmissions feature AutoDrive and speed-matching abilities to accommodate the appropriate powershift speed for smooth transitioning. The tractor lineup is outfitted with standard hydraulics that run 29 gpm, and an optional high-flow hydraulic package that runs at 39 gpm is available on the 6485, 6490, 6495, 6497 and 6499 models.



The Massey Ferguson 7400 Series has six models in the 100 PTO hp to 155 PTO hp range. The 7465, 7475 and 7480 models are powered by the Perkins 6.6-liter 1106D engine. The 66CTA 6.6-liter Sisu Diesel engine powers the 7485, 7490 and 7495 models and has a PTO torque rise of 20%. Standard for the lineup is the Dyna-VT continuously variable transmission with infinite speed selection. A three-function pedal mode automatically adjusts engine speed and groundspeed to coincide. The standard hydraulics for the Massey Ferguson series operates from three pumps—allowing the transmission and hydraulics to run off different reservoirs—and runs at 29 gpm. The optional remote valve management system hydraulics run at 39 gpm in the 7485, 7490 and 7495 models.



The Massey Ferguson 8400 Series has four models with a power range from 180 PTO hp to 240 PTO hp. The 8450 and 8460 models are powered by Sisu Diesel 7.4-liter engines, and the 8470 and 8480 models are powered by Sisu Diesel 8.4-liter engines. All models in this series are outfitted with Dyna-VT continuously variable transmissions (CVT). The CVT features two ranges of infinite forward speeds and two cruise control ranges. The three-function pedal mode runs the engine and groundspeed at the same rate. If the engine speed falls under load, the supervisor automatically changes the transmission ratio. Standard hydraulics run at 39 gpm on the 8400 Series; the time and flow of the four standard hydraulic outlets can be set from the tractor seat. A fifth hydraulic outlet is optional.



The XTX Series from McCormick includes five models that range from 133 PTO hp to 170 PTO hp. The entire series is powered by 6.7-liter turbocharged BetaPower engines. The standard transmission is a 32F/24R powershift; optional transmissions include a 32F/24R power- shift XtraSpeed-E, a 48F/40R powershift with creeper and a 48F/40R powershift XtraSpeed-E with creeper. The transmissions feature eight progressive powershift speeds in each of four ranges. The series is also outfitted with a power management system. An optional front-suspended axle is available. The 145 and 165 models have 29.1 gpm as standard hydraulic capacity. The standard hydraulic flow is 34 gpm on the 185, 200 and 215 models, and those models can be outfitted with an optional increase for total hydraulic flow up to 43 gpm.



The McCormick TTX Series features three models that range from
171 PTO hp to 213 PTO hp. Tractors in the TTX Series are powered by turbocharged 6.7-liter BetaPower engines, and the power management system provides extra power for PTO applications. There are two transmission options for the TTX models: a 32F/24R XtraSpeed plus reverse shuttle transmission and a 48F/40R XtraSpeed with creeper plus reverse shuttle. The rigid front axle can be equipped for electrohydraulic engagement. The transmissions feature eight powershift speeds. The tractor series features a standard hydraulic flow of 43 gpm. The deluxe versions available in the TTX Series feature
additional cab features, enhanced hydraulic components and
advanced transmission options.



The New Holland T7000 Series features four models that range from 135 PTO hp to 180 PTO hp. The tractors in the series are powered by 6.7-liter New Holland engines. Standard transmission for the T7000 Series is the 18F/6R Power Command transmission. The optional transmission available is the 19F/6R Power Command Economy transmission. Standard hydraulics run at 32 gpm; a 39.6 gpm pump is also available. The series can be built on three front axle choices: standard front-wheel-drive assist, SuperSteer with a 65° turning
radius or TerraGlide, which provides a smoother ride and improved power transfer to the ground. The custom headland management system is standard on all models.



The New Holland T8000 Series offers five models from 175 PTO hp to 270 PTO hp. All tractors in the series are powered by New Holland 8.3-liter engines except for the T8050, which is powered by a 9-liter New Holland engine. All models are equipped with the standard 18F/4R powershift transmission. Other transmission options include 19F/4R powershift with fuel-saving overdrive, 19F/4R powershift with increased top speed and 23F/6R powershift with creeper. The series features three front-axle choices: standard front-wheel-drive assist, SuperSteer with a 65° turning radius or TerraGlide for improved traction and ride quality. Hydraulic capacity runs at 44 gpm, and the optional MegaFlow runs up to 75 gpm on two separate circuits.

Four-Wheel-Drive Tractors



The Buhler Versatile four-wheel-drive line includes two series: the High Horsepower Tractor (HHT) Series with three models and the 4WD Series with four models. Both outfitted with Cummins engines, the HHT Series has a 15-liter engine and the 4WD Series has an 11-liter engine. The HHT Series has a 435 engine hp to 535 engine hp range, and the 4WD Series has an engine range of 305 hp to 400 hp. The HHT Series has a mechanical 12F/4R quad shift transmission or an optional 16F/4R Caterpillar powershift transmission. The 4WD Series is available with manual 12F/4R or powershift 12F/2R transmissions. All HHT models feature a hydraulic flow of 55 gpm or an optional high-flow hydraulic system of 80 gpm. The total hydraulic flow in the 4WD Series is 50 gpm; an optional HydraFlow system runs at 75 gpm.



The Case IH Steiger Series has six models ranging from 335 engine hp to 535 engine hp. Steiger tractors are built on three frame sizes to match horsepower requirements. All of the models are outfitted with Case IH engines except for the 535 and 535 Pro models, which feature Cummins QSX15 engines. Every model but the 335 Steiger can be equipped with Quadtrac, Case IH's design with four independent tracks. Steiger models can have wheel configurations with duals or triples. The tractors are geared with 16-speed full powershift transmissions with AutoShift with nine gears in a 3 mph to 8 mph working range. Standard total hydraulic capacity runs 42 gpm on the 535 and 535 Pro models and 40 gpm on the other models. Optional TwinFlow hydraulics provide 55 gpm to 94 gpm.



The Challenger MT900C Series includes four models with engine power ranging from 440 hp to 585 hp. The MT945C and MT955C are powered by Caterpillar's C15 ACERT engine, and the MT965C and MT975C are outfitted with Caterpillar's C18 ACERT engine. All models are geared with 16F/4R Caterpillar powershift transmissions. For making manual shifts, Intellitronics networks provide the MT900C Series with a choice of six different shifting modes: shuttle shifting, programmable shifting, continuous shifting, sequential (pulse) shifting, preselect shifting and speed matching. Standard hydraulics run at 43.5 gpm; an optional flow pump operates at 59 gpm. The series features the Tractor Management Center with ISOBUS electronics, hydraulic controls and a One-Touch headland management system.



The Claas Xerion is offered in two models and three platform configurations: a cab that rotates 180° to either central or rear positions, a fixed cab over the engine or a center fixed cab. These machines are designed for versatility as either a truck or system tractor. Xerion models are powered by Caterpillar C9 engines and feature 357 engine hp or 383 engine hp. The continuously variable ZF Eccom 3.5 transmission (CVT) is standard on both models in the series. This CVT has four operating modes for engine and speed control. Steering functions include four-wheel steering, front/rear-wheel steering and crab steering plus three other special steering programs. The top speed in both directions for these tractors is 31 mph. The Xerion models can be outfitted with tires up to 6.7' in diameter.



The John Deere 9030 Series includes five wheel models with a power range of 325 engine hp to 530 engine hp and three track models with a power range of 425 engine hp to 530 engine hp. All of the models are outfitted with 13.5-liter PowerTech Plus engines except for the 9230 model, which has a 9.0-liter PowerTech Plus engine. On track models, the AirCushion suspension system keeps the vehicle frame isolated from the track for a comfortable ride. Transmissions are as follows: standard 24-speed PowrSync transmission and optional 18F/6R powershift transmission on the 9230, 9330 and 9430 models; and standard 18F/6R powershift on the 9530, 9630, 9430T, 9530T and 9630T models. Hydraulics run at 48 gpm with an option of 78 gpm. The optional high-flow hydraulics are not available on track models.



The New Holland T9000 Series includes five models that range from 335 engine hp to 535 engine hp. The T9020 models are powered by New Holland 9-liter engines; the T9030, T9040 and T9050 models are powered by New Holland's 12.9-liter engines; and the T9060 models are powered by Cummins QSX15 15-liter engines. The series has a 16F/2R powershift transmission featuring AutoShift. A 24F/6R Hi-Low synchroshift transmission is optional on the T9020 and T9030 models. Standard hydraulics run at 40 gpm on all models except the T9060, which runs at 42 gpm. Optional MegaFlow provides a second pump for continuous operation of a low-flow, high-pressure system and a high-flow, low-pressure system. These models feature longer wheelbases, center-pull drawbar design and rugged frame and axles.

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