Trump Asks for $200B in Infrastructure Spending

February 13, 2018 12:28 PM

On Monday, the White House unveiled its proposed budget for the country, and President Trump has released his ideas on how to spend $1.5 trillion to improve the nation’s infrastructure, and a shake up in the food stamp program.

The president’s plan is calling for $200 billion to be spent by the federal government in the coming decade, and encourages other levels of government and the private sector to raise their spending on infrastructure.

Learn more about the plan on AgDay above.

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bad axe, MI
2/14/2018 06:14 AM

  Toll booths and local taxes up to the yang yang. Remember it takes a 1000 billion to make 1 trillion. The 70 trillion in credit market debt what did you guys spend that on. Trump better figure out what he is going to do about this Saudi , China oil trade deal that takes effect at the end of March where there eliminating the US dollar as the petro dollar for oil trade around the world and replacing it with China's Yuan backed by gold. This China's Yuan as world reserve currency since last October is really going bankrupt the US in the near future.

Augusta, ME
2/14/2018 07:40 AM

  I hate to say but I truly believe that this Infrastructure plan is a pipe-dream and doomed to fail. The administration is behaving fiscally irresponsible and will never be able to pay for it because they'll never get the kind of outside investment they plan on.

cooper, IA
2/14/2018 08:24 AM

  Obama's infrastructure plan spent 95 percent on enviromental programs(Solyndra anyone) and only 5 percent on transportation. Trump has a low bar here