Trump's Infrastructure Plan Means Now is Time For Action, No Excuses

June 9, 2017 03:28 PM

President Trump’s pledge for infrastructure improvement was a good first step. It was encouraging to see the President of the United States bring attention at such a high level to a problem that has needed addressing for decades.

Our infrastructure, once the envy of the world, is deteriorating and repairs are long overdue. Our inland waterways system is critical to moving products up and down our rivers. Without it, the strain on our highway and rail systems would be overwhelming.

Few argue against the need for modernization but many in Washington argue when it comes time to actually do something about it. Infrastructure improvements would seem to be common ground between our political parties something that is rare today.

If they can’t come together to get this done, then what chance is there of anything of real significance being accomplished by our government?

As much as our transportation infrastructure needs improvement, our political infrastructure needs it even more. It is becoming painfully obvious on several important issues that our elected officials either don’t have solutions or are unwilling to get past their differences to find them.

The time for speeches on improving our locks, dams, roads and bridges is over.

We’ve heard them for years. Now it’s time for action. No more excuses

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Tom S
Indio, CA
6/10/2017 07:48 AM

  Hello, Obama made a big push on Infrastructure in 2009-10. But, McConnell said, "No more! I'm going to make him a 1 term President." Plus, it is difficult to raise $$ when the Country is still hemorrhaging $1.5T/Year due to Bush-era policies and Reagan/Bush/Bush Debt Interest, with Rs refusing to change course or raise the Fuel Tax.

Galena, IL
6/10/2017 11:18 PM

  Sounds like we should have had McConnell stand up to Obama on health care then too. I mean if one guy can shutdown Obamas drastic commitment to infrastructure, just think, we might be able to actually have affordable health care! Sounds like Tom is the person this article is speaking too! It's all those republicans fault....blah blah. FYI the Fuel taxes have been raised numerous times on a state basis, along with everything other tax related to transportation. Yet all the states infrastructure seems to be decrepit. So at least that money is being put too good use...This country needs to work in a way that brings people and their ideas together instead of a bunch of Toms running around blaming dead men for his political party adding trillions to the deficit in 8 years.