Trump's Pen "To Be Awfully Busy" Annihilating Obama's EOs

January 18, 2017 01:29 PM
Donald Trump

Inauguration Day is a few days away, and many are preparing for and speculating what the new administration will accomplish in the next 4 to 8 years.

On AgriTalk’s Farmer Forum, Gene Millard of St. Joseph, Mo. says President-elect Trump will be working to eliminate some of President Obama’s executive orders.

“His pen is going to be awfully busy next week” said Millard.

To Jack Lavers of Glennville, Calif., the first order of business for President-elect Trump should be either GIPSA or cracking down on anti-trust laws because the beef industry, according to Lavers, is getting “hammered.”

Don Lamb of Lebanon, Ind. had a different idea. He thinks Trump should have a strong stance on Israel, whether in a statement or otherwise.

Before Trump takes control of the highest office in the U.S., Lavers reflected on President Obama’s legacy, saying regulations hurt the ag industry.

Lavers didn’t think much of the 8-year Obama presidency, saying he will “go down as probably the worst president in the history of our nation.”

Listen to the full Farmer Forum with host Mike Adams on AgriTalk above. Listen to Lavers’ full comments on the Obama legacy below.

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Spell Check

Independence, MO
1/19/2017 04:04 PM

  Is countermanding Obama's EO's really an efficient use of his time? The Federal Government is spending $10 billion/day, $7 million/minute in the 2017 budget. Shouldn't the new president get focused on the job at hand? He probably will take some time on Saturday to review what the secret services have on file for him :-).

Canton, ME
1/19/2017 08:20 AM

  Sounds like listening to Fox (or should it be Fake) news! If this madman moron trump takes any action too drastic in nature it’ll just provide more motivation for the anti-trump movement and propel this country towards an outright revolution that’ll rip it apart and your precious farming lifestyle with it. Don’t forget, the majority of the country DID NOT vote for this man and many that did are wishing they hadn’t! I have NEVER in my life recall a more tumultuous time in this country. BEWARE! Trump isn’t even President yet and he’s already the most hated in history and it’s likely to only get worse. Don’t give me this BS about Obama’s precedency being remembered as the worse. They’ll be many more ahead of him with Trump leading the way.