TSCRA Statement on Passage of Texas Beef Checkoff Program

03:29PM Jul 02, 2014
BT Rotator Texas Longhorns
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President Pete Bonds today made the following statement after the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) announced the results of the Texas Beef Checkoff referendum.

"We are pleased with the results of the Texas Beef Checkoff referendum and believe the program will provide a tremendous step forward for beef producers and consumers," said Bonds. "As ranchers well know, the challenges facing our industry continue to grow, and we must make sure we invest in our future to remain competitive.

The Texas Beef Checkoff program will assist beef producers and consumers by advancing critical marketing, education and research efforts that help provide a safe, abundant and affordable supply of beef. We look forward to seeing the Texas Beef Checkoff program implemented to help the beef industry thrive."

TSCRA supported the passage of the Texas Beef Checkoff referendum. Texas producers who owned at least one head of cattle in the state any time between June 6, 2013 and June 6, 2014 were eligible to vote. The program will be funded through a refundable assessment on cattle at each point of ownership transfer in Texas, and the maximum assessment will not exceed $1 per head of cattle. The funds will be managed in accordance with Texas law by a council of 20 cattle producers appointed by the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture.