Tune Into These 5 Hot Farming Discussions

03:26PM Nov 19, 2014
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The AgWeb discussion boards are a treasure trove of interesting farmer-led conversations. The readers don’t always agree, but they do agree to contribute strong opinions.

Here are five recent discussions you won’t want to miss:

  1. Winter weather horror stories. From the “Snowmageddon” in early 2011 to whatever weather this winter is going to dish out, hear what farmers have to say about buckling down for the winter months.
  2. Harvest progress. The 2014 harvest season is over for many, but it’s still a hot topic of conversation. Learn more about this year’s challenges and successes.
  3. Property taxes went up 120%? A tough but important talk initiated by one frustrated Ohio farmer.
  4. Dairy embezzlement. It happens more than you might think. The discussion wanders a bit but continues to make interesting points when it does.
  5. College football. No one agrees with the rankings, but it has been fun kicking around playoff scenarios as the season winds down.

For a complete list of the discussion forums, visit http://discussions.agweb.com/forum.php.