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Two Arkansas Soybean Farmers Set Yield Records

15:38PM Sep 15, 2014

Two southern Arkansas soybean farmers have broken state records for yield of their crops.

Matt Miles of McGehee has become the first Arkansas grower to surpass 100 bushels per acre for two consecutive years, while David Bennett of Lake Village set the record with a yield of just more than 112 bushels per acre, according to the Arkansas Soybean Association.

Miles harvested 100.6 bushels per acre last week after harvesting 107.6 bushels per acre in 2013, the record that was broken when Bennett harvested just more than 112 bushels per acre on Thursday.

Unlike 2013, when the growing season was ideal for soybeans, 2014 was cooler and wetter, said Miles.

"What was scaring me more than anything was the amount of moisture we got and the amount of stress we got between the cold and the moisture," he said.

"We were very nervous."

Bennett becomes the fourth Arkansas grower to surpass 100 bushels per acre, joining Miles, Nelson Crow of Desha County and Eddie Tackett of Atkins, each of whom reached the plateau last year.

"I didn't do anything special," Bennett said. "I've got Gus Wilson, my county agent - I owe most of it to him. He stayed out in the field most of the year watching them for me. I'd done everything at the right time."