Two Patents In Potassium Acetate Technology For Nachurs

04:53PM Feb 20, 2020
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Nachurs Alpine Solutions, which as of late 2019 was acquired as a new business division for Wilbur-Ellis, received two patents for its potassium acetate technology, which includes its use and application alone or mixed with other nutrients. 

The company says the technologies are applied as versatile high potassium-content liquid fertilizers, which are branded in the U.S. as Nachurs Bio-K and in Canada as Alpine K-Tech.

Potassium plays a few key roles in plant growth and development including, stimulating early growth, increasing protein production, activating enzymes and hormone systems within the plant. The nutrient also increases water use efficiency and transforms sugars to starch. 

The company says lab tests and field trials prove potassium acetate is an effective and safe source of potassium applied in-furrow, foliar, side-dressed, soil injected, broadcast, fertigated and more. 

The patents were granted from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.