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US files $350 million WTO claim against Indonesia

13:22PM Aug 07, 2018

The Trump administration says unfair Indonesian import restrictions have cost U.S. exporters up to $350 million, including exporters of apples, grapes, potatoes and onions.( File photo )

The U.S., which won a World Trade Organization ruling against Indonesia in 2017 concerning import restrictions on apples, grapes, potatoes, onions and other items, says the country has not changed its policies.

The Indonesian imported foods restrictions cost U.S. exporters $350 million in 2017, according to the Aug. 6 filing from the U.S.

Oke Nurwan, Indonesian trade ministry director general of foreign trade, told Reuters that Indonesia is studying the request for sanctions. Indonesian authorities believe the country has complied, and has revised its rules on food imports, according to Reuters.

Any resolution to the U.S. claim could take years through the WTO process, according to the Reuters story.