USDA Will Quantify Flood Damaged Grain In June Grain Stocks Report

04:16PM Apr 24, 2019
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In March, farmers throughout Nebraska, the Dakotas and parts of Iowa were devastated by the floods. What meteorologists called a “bomb cyclone” overwhelmed rivers, swallowing farmland and grain bins in its path. While there’s much speculation about how much grain was lost in the disaster, USDA officials this week said they would not be quantifying it until it’s reflected in the June Quarterly Grain Stocks Report.


“As of right now we don’t have any intention of collecting anything on grain that was lost,” Lance Honig, crops branch chief of the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, said at a meeting in Chicago for USDA data users, according to Reuters.


Surveying for the amount of grain lost to flooding would be a challenge, Honig said.


“The stocks report will reflect (grain) inventories as of June 1, so any losses that occurred will no longer be represented in the stocks at that time,” he said.


While USDA will not indicate how much grain was lost, other companies like Indigo Ag have used satellite imagery to identify 832 on-farm grain storage bins within the area that received flood damage. Reuters reported those bins could hold upwards of $34.6 million of grain.