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USDA: Cold Threatens Winter Crops in Europe

06:24AM Feb 08, 2012

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Cold Weather Threatens Winter Crops
    - Increasingly cold weather threatens exposed winter crops in northern Europe. The greatest threat for freeze damage is to northern France’s durum wheat as well as wheat and rapeseed in northeast Germany and northwest Poland.
    - Dryness remains a concern for wheat and barley in Spain and northern Italy.

  • NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Showers Intensify, Change To Snow
    - Locally heavy showers maintain favorable prospects for vegetative wheat and barley.
    - Rain changes to snow in northern portions of Algeria, although the cold does not threaten winter grains.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Additional Snow Insulates Crops
    - Locally heavy snow in Turkey and northern Iran insulates winter grains from cold weather.
    - Rain maintains excellent winter crop prospects from northern Syria into northern Iraq.

  • FSU: Snow Protects Against Bitter Cold
    - Bitter cold intensifies over the region. A deep snowpack protects winter crops in Russia, while increasing snow cover in Belarus and most of Ukraine provides timely insulation.
    - Snow cover is shallow in southern Ukraine, where some wheat is potentially at risk to winterkill.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Beneficially Cool For Wheat
    - Cool, sunny weather continues to benefit reproductive winter wheat and rapeseed in northern India.

  • EAST ASIA: Cold On The North China Plain
    - A brief spell of frigid weather in eastern China has little effect on well-hardened winter wheat.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Seasonable Rainfall In The Philippines
    - Seasonable rainfall maintains favorable corn and rice prospects in the Philippines.

  • AUSTRALIA: More Heavy Rain In Eastern Australia
    - In southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, widespread, locally heavy rain causes some additional flooding but maintains overall excellent yield prospects for cotton and sorghum.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: Warmth And Dryness Stress Crops In Southern Brazil
    - Warm, dry weather stresses corn and soybeans in southern Brazil.
    - In Argentina, rain brings some relief from another brief spell of heat and dryness.

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Warm, Dry Weather Fosters Rapid Corn Development
    - Unseasonable warmth and dryness dominate the corn belt, hastening summer crop development and reducing moisture for reproduction.