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USDA: Dryness Lingers in Southern Brazil

06:37AM Dec 05, 2012


USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Rain And Snow Boosted Soil Moisture For Winter Crops
    - Rain and wet snow across much of Europe boosted soil moisture reserves for winter crops. However, locally heavy rain hampered fieldwork in the United Kingdom and Italy.
    - Much-needed showers returned to the Balkans, where winter wheat added vegetative growth.

  • NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Locally Heavy Rain Continued
    - Heavy rain benefited winter grain establishment but hampered fieldwork in Morocco and Algeria.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Rain In The East Contrasted With Western Dryness
    - Moderate to heavy rain persisted from eastern Syria and northern Iraq into central and southern Iran, boosting soil moisture for winter wheat and barley establishment.
    - Increasingly dry conditions in central and western Turkey reduced soil moisture for winter grains.

  • FSU: Unfavorably Dry In Southern Winter Wheat Areas
    - Dry, warm weather in southern Russia maintained poor soil moisture for winter wheat establishment.
    - Winter crops remained mostly devoid of a protective snowpack; snow cover typically extends from Belarus and northern Ukraine into central and northern Russia by early December.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Sunny, Mild Weather
    - Favorably mild weather promoted wheat and rapeseed development in northern India.

  • EAST ASIA: Winter Wheat Continued To Ease Into Dormancy
    - Seasonably cool weather continued to ease winter wheat into dormancy across northern portions of the North China Plain.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Drier Weather For Rice In Java, Indonesia
    - Drier weather reduced moisture supplies for rice across Java, Indonesia.

  • AUSTRALIA: Wet In The West And South, Hot In Summer Crop Areas
    - Wet weather slowed winter grain maturation and harvesting in western and southeastern Australia.
    - In northern New South Wales and Queensland, hot, mostly dry weather increased irrigation requirements for vegetative summer crops and likely stressed some dryland crops.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: Wet Weather Continued In Argentina And Central Brazil
    - In Argentina, late-week showers maintained locally excessive levels of moisture for winter grains and emerging summer crops and sustained slow rates of corn and soybean planting.
    - Widespread, locally heavy rain benefited soybeans, cotton, and other summer crops throughout central Brazil. Lingering dryness and warmth in southern Brazil aided winter wheat harvesting but reduced moisture for corn and soybeans.

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Mild, Showery Weather Dominated Major Agricultural Areas
    - Conditions remained overall favorable for emerging corn and rain-fed sugarcane.