USDA Global Weather Highlights: Dryness Dominates South America

08:45AM Dec 21, 2011

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Moderate To Heavy Rain Boosts Soil Moisture
    Moderate to heavy rain in central and northern Europe benefits vegetative winter grains and oilseeds in England and France. Winter crops in Germany and Poland remain dormant.
    - Showers return to Spain, favoring winter wheat and barley.

  • NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Showers Benefit Winter Grain Growth
    - Showers return to Algeria and Tunisia, maintaining favorable prospects for wheat and barley.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Rain And Snow Persist In Turkey
    - Rain and snow in Turkey boost soil moisture reserves for dormant (north) to vegetative (south) winter grains.
    - Mostly dry weather in Iran promotes winter crop growth after recent rain.

  • FSU: Mild, Wet Weather Persists
    - Mild, wet weather keeps much of the region devoid of snow cover. Only winter crops in Russia’s Volga District remain protected by a moderate snowpack.
    - Additional rain in Ukraine provides much-needed recharge to soil moisture but is too late for winter crop establishment.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Sunny Weather Favors Cotton Harvesting
    - Warm, dry weather across the southern half of India benefits cotton harvesting.
    - Beneficially cool weather in northern India favors the development of vegetative winter wheat and rapeseed.

  • EAST ASIA: Cold, Dry Weather For Dormant Crops
    - Seasonably cold, dry weather settles in throughout eastern China, where winter wheat is dormant and well cold hardened.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Late-Year Tropical Cyclone In The Philippines
    - An unusual late-year tropical cyclone moves across the southern Philippines, producing heavy rainfall and local flooding across winter corn areas.

  • AUSTRALIA: Wet Weather Hampers Fieldwork
    - Rain plagues northern New South Wales and Queensland, delaying wheat harvesting and reducing crop quality but maintaining abundant moisture supplies for dryland and irrigated summer crops.
    - In western and southeastern Australia, periods of rain temporarily interrupt wheat, barley, and canola harvesting.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: Dry Weather Dominates Argentina And Southern Brazil
    - In Argentina, dry weather promotes winter grain harvesting, but more rain is needed for the development of summer grains, oilseeds, and cotton.
    - Dryness expands across much of southern Brazil, limiting moisture for soybeans and corn. Favorably wet weather continues in northern cotton and soybean areas.

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Drier Conditions Return To The Corn Belt
    - Summer crop planting is likely underway in western sections of the corn belt after last week’s rain.