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USDA: Mild, Windy Conditions Prevail on the Southern Plains

08:36AM Mar 27, 2014

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility says on the Plains, rain and snow showers dot central portions of the region, including Nebraska. Cold weather covers the northern Plains, while mild, windy conditions prevail on the southern Plains. "Blowing dust remains a problem on the drought-stricken southern High Plains," USDA details.

In the West, USDA explains an active weather pattern is resulting in scattered rain and snow showers across the northern two- thirds of the region. "In California and the Great Basin, precipitation—while beneficial—is too light and occurring too late in the wet season to appreciably alter bleak water-supply outlooks," USDA elaborates.

In the Corn Belt, a chilly rain is falling across southern and eastern areas, while some wet snow is developing in the upper Midwest.

In the South, USDA reports freeze warnings are in effect again early today across parts of Georgia and the Carolinas. "The cold weather poses a threat to blooming fruits, but most row crops have not yet been planted," USDA details. Farther west, milder air is overspreading the interior Southeast, where rain showers are developing, USDA continues.

In its outlook, USDA says a low-pressure system currently centered over the nation’s mid-section will move northeastward into eastern Canada by Friday. "However, precipitation will linger along the Atlantic Seaboard through the weekend," USDA reports. "Storm-total precipitation could reach 1 to 2 inches—partly in the form of wet snow—in the upper Great Lakes region, while similar rainfall totals can be expected in the Southeastern and Atlantic Coast states," according to USDA. Meanwhile, USDA says unsettled weather will cover the northern half to two-thirds of the western U.S., where five-day precipitation totals may reach 2 to 4 inches in the northern Rockies and 4 to 8 inches in parts of northern California and the Pacific Northwest.