USDA: Rains Promote Planting in Brazil

06:26AM Oct 03, 2012
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USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Heat And Dryness Return To Balkans
    - Heat and dryness return to the Balkans, increasing evaporative losses and maintaining poor prospects for winter wheat planting and establishment.
    - Much-needed rain boosts irrigation reserves in Spain, while locally heavy showers hamper the final stages of small grain harvesting in the United Kingdom.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Dry Weather Gives Way To Showers
    - Dry weather gives way to showers in Turkey, improving soil moisture for winter wheat planting.

  • FSU: Warm, Dry Weather Reduces Moisture For Winter Wheat
    - Warmth and dryness reduce moisture for wheat establishment in eastern Ukraine and southern Russia.
    - Dry weather promotes spring wheat harvesting in eastern Russia and cotton harvesting in southern portions of the region. The Kazakhstan spring wheat harvest campaign is virtually complete.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Monsoon Withdraws From The Northwest
    - The Indian Monsoon withdraws from most northwestern states, facilitating drydown and maturation of cotton and rice.

  • EAST ASIA: Typhoon Jelawat Makes Landfall In Japan
    - Typhoon Jelawat weakens considerably prior to making landfall in central Japan with untimely rainfall for maturing rice.
    - Dry, mild weather aids maturation of corn, cotton, and soybeans on the North China Plain.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Showers Continue
    - Showers throughout the region maintain favorable moisture supplies for immature rice, although drier weather would be welcome as rice begins to mature in many areas.

  • AUSTRALIA: More Rain In The West, Mostly Dry In The Southeast
    - In Western Australia, additional rain further stabilizes prospects for winter grains and oilseeds.
    - Isolated showers in the southeast provide little additional moisture for reproductive winter crops.
    - In east-central Australia, showers boost topsoil moisture for reproductive to filling winter wheat.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: Showers Promote Soybean Planting In Brazil
    - A timely start to the rainy season promotes soybean planting in key production areas of central Brazil.
    - Cool, dry weather slows winter grain growth in Argentina.

  • MEXICO: Showers Intensify In The South And Northwest
    - A late-season surge in seasonal rainfall boosts moisture for corn and other immature, rain-fed summer crops, and helps to further recharge northwestern reservoirs.

  • CANADA: Prairie Harvests Rapidly Advance Toward Completion
    - Spring grain and oilseed harvesting is nearing completion.