USDA: Stars Align for Feeder Market

11:35AM May 05, 2014
BT Feedlot Cattle

Corbitt Wall with USDA Market News gives the weekly Feeder and Stocker Cattle Summary for the week ending May 2.

Feeder and stockers sold for $2 to $5 higher with many instances of $8 to $10 higher, many of which were not light cattle but the larger cattle. The market saw the biggest gains on heavy feeders with steers weighing over 800 pounds and heifers over 700 pounds.

Wall noted that this is still a really strong market for all classes of feeders and stockers. This week also saw a lot of support on the boards in response to last week’s bullish sales.

"The stars just keep lining up for this feeder market," Wall said. He also noted that the market doesn’t show any signs of slacking off. Demand is still outstanding and supplies are light. Plus, spring rains have fallen mostly on crop ground and with pasture ground—especially west of the Rockies—remaining dry, this helps support the price of feeders.

Market remains strong with good demand from all sectors.

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