USDA: Too Dry in Western Australia

06:19AM Aug 29, 2012
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USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Hot Weather Maintains Stress On Corn And Sunflowers
    - Hot weather is maintaining stress on late-filling corn and sunflowers in France and the Balkans.
    - Showers boost soil moisture for winter wheat and rapeseed in England, Germany, and Poland.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Seasonably Dry Weather Persists
    - Dry weather promotes summer crop maturation and seasonal fieldwork.

  • FSU: Widespread Showers Favor Late-Filling Summer Crops
    - Widespread rainfall from Belarus and northern Ukraine into Russia is improving prospects for late filling corn and sunflowers while boosting soil moisture for winter grain and oilseed planting.
    - Showers slow spring wheat harvesting in northern Kazakhstan, while dry weather promotes spring wheat harvesting in eastern Russia and favors filling cotton in southern growing areas.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Drier For Groundnuts; More Rain For Rice
    - Dry weather returns to groundnut areas of western India, further diminishing prospects.
    - Rice continues to receive beneficial rainfall in eastern India.

  • EAST ASIA: Typhoons Tembin And Bolaven
    - Typhoon Tembin brings flooding to southern Taiwan, while Super Typhoon Bolaven brings flooding rains to southwestern South Korea as it enters the Yellow Sea.
    - Heavy showers on the North China Plain benefit filling corn and soybeans but are unfavorable for opening cotton bolls.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Monsoon Rains Favor Rice In Thailand
    - An increase in monsoon rains across northeastern Thailand improves moisture conditions for rice.

  • AUSTRALIA: Welcome Showers In The East; Rain Needed In The West
    - In the west, generally light showers provide little additional topsoil moisture for vegetative winter crops.
    - Widespread showers continue to benefit wheat, barley, and canola in southeastern Australia.
    - In east-central Australia, showers offer a needed boost in topsoil moisture for jointing winter wheat.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: More Rain For Argentina; Dry In Brazil
    - Heavy rain provides additional, abundant moisture for winter grain establishment in Argentina's eastern farming areas.
    - In Brazil, warmth and dryness aid sugarcane and coffee harvesting while advancing winter wheat development.

  • MEXICO: Seasonal Rains Continue
    - Showers maintain favorable conditions for corn and other rain-fed summer crops in the south. Heavy rain continues in Sinaloa, boosting irrigation reserves for winter-grown corn.

  • CANADA: Warmth And Dryness Advance Prairie Crops Toward Maturity
    - Conditions are mostly favorable for maturing spring grains and oilseeds