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USDA: Wet Weather Continues in Europe

06:19AM Jan 11, 2012

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Wet Weather Continues
    - Wet weather persists across central and northern Europe, maintaining abundant soil moisture reserves for winter grains and oilseeds.
    - Dry, mild conditions in Spain promote winter grain growth but reduce soil moisture and reservoir levels.

  • NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Western Dryness Contrasts With Rain In The East
    - Locally heavy showers in Tunisia maintain favorable prospects for wheat and barley.
    - Dry weather in Morocco reduces soil moisture for vegetative winter wheat.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Rain And Snow In The West And North
    - Rain and snow continue in Turkey, Syria, and northern Iran, boosting soil moisture reserves for mostly dormant winter grains.

  • FSU: Additional Snowfall Insulates Crops, But Still Mild
    - A fresh snowfall insulates winter grains and oilseeds from potential incursions of bitter cold in Belarus, eastern Ukraine, and Russia. However, it remains unseasonably mild over much of the region.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Unseasonably Heavy Rain
    - The remnants of Tropical Cyclone Thane spawn unseasonably heavy showers in northeastern India, providing a late-season boost to moisture supplies for winter rice.
    - Mild weather favors winter wheat and rapeseed, nearing reproduction.

  • EAST ASIA: Colder For Winter Crops
    - Colder weather moves into winter crop areas of China but has little effect on well-hardened wheat and rapeseed.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Too Wet For Corn In The Philippines
    - Unfavorably wet conditions return to the northern Philippines, raising concerns about corn prospects.
    - Cool weather in northern Vietnam slows rice development.

  • AUSTRALIA: Showers Benefit Summer Crops
    - In eastern Australia, scattered showers favor vegetative to reproductive summer crops.
    - In southern and western Australia, light showers have minimal impact on winter crop harvesting, which is nearing completion.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: Heat And Dryness Stress Argentine Summer Crops
    - Hot, dry weather maintains stress on corn and soybeans in key production areas of Argentina.
    - Drier weather returns to southern Brazil, renewing concerns about prospects for corn, soybeans, and sugarcane. However, conditions remain favorable for soybeans and cotton farther north.

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Warmth And Dryness Promote Crop Development
    - Warm, dry weather follows last week’s rain, promoting the development of corn and other summer crops.