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USDA: Widespread Rains East Drought in Spain

06:23AM Apr 25, 2012

USDA's Joint Ag Weather Facility has provided the following weekly weather/crop highlights:

  • EUROPE: Widespread Rain Eases Drought In Spain
    - Rain continues to provide a late boost to reproductive to filling wheat and barley in Spain.
    - Showers improve prospects for winter and spring grains from England and France into Italy and the Balkans.

  • NORTHWESTERN AFRICA: Additional Showers Benefit Winter Crops
    - Light showers favor filling winter grains in Morocco but are too late for maturing crops.
    - Locally heavy rain in Algeria and Tunisia benefits reproductive to filling winter wheat and barley.

  • MIDDLE EAST: Showers Maintain Soil Moisture For Winter Grain Development
    - Widespread showers slow cotton planting but favor winter crop growth from Turkey into western Iran.

  • FSU: Western Rain Contrasts With Unseasonable Warmth And Dryness In The East
    - Periods of rain across Belarus, Ukraine, and western Russia slow fieldwork but boost soil moisture for winter wheat, barley, and rapeseed.
    - Unseasonably warm, dry weather favors field preparations for spring wheat planting in Kazakhstan and central Russia, but reduces topsoil moisture.

  • SOUTH ASIA: Drier Weather Returns
    - Seasonably dry weather returns to India, as cotton planting advances in the north.

  • EAST ASIA: Rain Aids Winter And Spring Crop Development
    - In China, showers continue to benefit reproductive winter wheat and rapeseed as well as early doublecrop rice.

  • SOUTHEAST ASIA: Wet Weather Slows Harvesting
    - Wet weather slows harvest activities from southern Vietnam into the southern Philippines, and south into Java, Indonesia.

  • AUSTRALIA: Warm, Dry Weather Aids Summer Crop Harvesting
    - In southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, relatively cool, showery weather is replaced by warmer, drier weather, allowing cotton and sorghum harvesting to regain momentum.

  • SOUTH AMERICA: Rain Benefits Brazil’s Winter Corn Crop
    - Beneficial rain boosts moisture for secondary (safrinha) corn in key production areas of central and southern Brazil.
    - In Argentina, warm, showery weather causes some interruptions in corn and soybean harvesting.

  • SOUTH AFRICA: Mild, Mostly Dry Weather Dominates
    - Dry, somewhat warmer weather fosters drydown and maturation of summer crops.

  • MEXICO: Beneficial Rain Continues Along The Gulf Coast
    - Showers maintain favorable prospects for winter sorghum and increase soil moisture for the early development of rain-fed corn and sugarcane.