USMEF Audio: Education Helps Record Pork Exports to Central America

10:47AM Jan 29, 2020
Major exports leaving USDA export ships.
( Farm Journal Media )

U.S. pork exports to Central America set another new record in 2019. With December results still to be added, exports to the region already totaled nearly $212 million through November (20% ahead of the 2018 pace) and will finish the year at about $230 million, according to data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF). Of the top 20 international destinations for U.S. pork, six are in Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua). Panama and Costa Rica were the growth pacesetters in 2019, but exports also increased significantly to mainstay markets Honduras and Guatemala.

Lucia Ruano, USMEF representative in Central America and the Dominican Republic, notes that while most U.S. pork entering Central America is used for further processing, it is increasingly popular as a flavorful and affordable center-of-the-plate option, she said in a federation release. U.S. pork has overcome significant challenges to achieve these gains, as many consumers in the region had to be educated about the nutritional attributes of pork and convinced that it can be part of a healthy diet. She adds that USMEF's cutting and cooking demonstrations have helped teach Central American consumers how to properly prepare U.S. pork and to avoid overcooking it.

Hear more in the audio clip below. 

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