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Utah Hit with Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Milk

02:16AM Aug 31, 2016

Utah health officials are warning of a salmonella outbreak linked to raw milk.

The Utah Department of Health said Tuesday that they're investigating nine cases of salmonella poisoning found in people who had consumed raw milk from Heber Valley Milk in Wasatch County.

The Salmonella Saintpaul infections affected people aged 15 to 78 years old who had symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea between March 20 and August 14.

Two of them were hospitalized but have since recovered.

The bacterium was confirmed through a raw milk sample taken from Heber Valley Milk last week. A more recent sample has cleared the producer to resume sales again.

The health department said more than 400 people have been sickened in outbreaks linked to raw milk since 2009.