‘Variability’ is the Phrase of the Day in the I-States

05:13PM Aug 21, 2019
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As Pro Farmer Crop Tour scouts make their way through Iowa and Illinois they’re seeing maturity and yields all over the board. What these means for yields at the end of the season, only time will tell as the crop races toward the finish line.

Follow along with Crop Tour scouts at #PFTour19 on Twitter. Here’s a glance at what they’re seeing today:

#pftour19 https://t.co/FRMNS40GWM

— Betsy Jibben (@BetsyJibben) August 21, 2019

Action photo from Whiteside Co. OK #pftour19 pic.twitter.com/Kwhl26FjsC

— Mark Bernard (@MNWeedWizard) August 21, 2019

Here we go!! Finding this high yield in Harrison Co., IA #pftour19 pic.twitter.com/slUkwgLfhH

— Betsy Jibben (@BetsyJibben) August 21, 2019

We've seen some variation in Western Illinois. #pftour19 pic.twitter.com/PUtstY0VU1

— Zach Egesdal (@RealZachEgesdal) August 21, 2019

In IL, Mercer County had our highest soybean pod count and Tazewell County had our lowest at 1699.2 and 562.4, respectively. #pftour19

— Meghan Yandell (@megyandell) August 21, 2019

#pftour19 Stop 2 in Iowa. Scott county. Wet at plant, drought stress short on N. 114 yield. pic.twitter.com/mYsRXArdOw

— Bruce Lantzky (@Lantzkyfarms) August 21, 2019

Average of 210 on our route in District 4 with 11 stops in the district. #pftour19 https://t.co/NqvRYPuRp3

— Jarod Creed (@JrodCreed) August 21, 2019

#pftour19 All samples for Day 3, send half of route 5 East leg. Starting from left, Knox, Il to Cedar county, Ia. Yardstick separates Il and Ia. Still variable but corn is improving. pic.twitter.com/O2hVGUsLw5

— Bruce Lantzky (@Lantzkyfarms) August 21, 2019

Palo Alto County #Iowa. 170 bushel per acre estimate. Very immature corn. #pftour19 pic.twitter.com/kmKGR7mA4N

— Dustin Hoffmann, Iowa Ag Radio (@Dustin_IAAgBiz) August 21, 2019

Our highest corn yield on our IL route was in Warren County, but it also had our second lowest corn yield. 243.1 and 157.8 #pftour19

— Meghan Yandell (@megyandell) August 21, 2019

And the award for strangest sighting of the day goes here:

Stop 4 in Page Co IA. Yield check: 219.9 AND one giraffe 🦒 😳🤨#pftour19 pic.twitter.com/5CIwkHyrqD

— Ted Seifried (@TheTedSpread) August 21, 2019

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