A Virtual Tour of Pro Farmer’s Midwest Crop Tour

14:18PM Aug 19, 2019
Crop Tour 2018

Pro Farmer’s Midwest Crop Tour kicked off on Monday in South Dakota and Ohio.( Farm Journal )

THURSDAY: Crop Tour Scouts will finish sampling Iowa and finish Minnesota today. 

RESULTS: Results: Iowa Corn Dominates Estimates, Minnesota is Just Below 2018

Tour Results Show Best-Case Scenario For Corn, Worst-Case For Soybeans

#PFtour19: Minnesota Corn ‘Needs a Miracle’

#PFtour19: The Good, Bad And Ugly Yield Results Of Minnesota & Iowa

Safety at Pro Farmer Event Remains Top Priority


Scouts Anticipate Good Looking Crops In Eastern Iowa

Preliminary Route Report from Eastern Tour Leader Brian Grete


First Look: Minnesota Corn Yields Disappoint

Minnesota Soybeans Lower than Expected

Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour: MN Filled Of Green Snap, Nitrogen Issues

WEDNESDAY: Crop Tour Scouts will head through Illinois and into Iowa on the Eastern Leg. Western leg scouts will head into Iowa. 

RESULTSCrop Tour Day 3: Illinois Corn and Soybeans Yields Take a Nosedive

NASS Crop Chief: Prevent Plant Acres Not Included in Yield Projections

Safety Emphasized as Crop Tour Continues After USDA Employee Threat

#PFTour19 Offers Hopeful Results Despite Maturity Issues

Crop Tour Methods Account for Tip-Back, Short Ears & Other Conditions


Crop Tour: Inconsistency Plagues Illinois Crops

Crop Tour Scouts Expect Improved Maturity As They Head West

‘Variability’ is the Phrase of the Day in the I-States


Iowa Showcases “Better than Expected” Corn and Soybeans

Pro Farmer West Leg: Rain Falls and Yields Impress in Southwest Iowa

Preliminary Route Report from Western Tour Leader Jeff Wilson

TUESDAY: Crop Tour scouts will head through Indiana and into Illinois on the Eastern Leg. Western Leg scouts will head through Nebraska. 


Crop Tour: Nebraska Expected to Out Yield Indiana Corn and Soybeans


Crop Tour Scouts Prepare for Rain, Inconsistent Fields in East Leg

Crop Tour Scout: Yield, Harvested Acres Contingent Upon Finishing Time

Crop Tour From The Rows: Agronomist Look at Indiana


Nebraska Corn Yield Estimates Shine Despite Early-Season Challenges

Crop Tour: Nebraska Soybeans “Average” to “Below-Average”

SE Nebraska Crops More Mature, Corn Shows Pest Challenges

Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour: Nebraska As A Whole Looks Good


NASS Crop Chief: Prevent Plant Acres Not Included in Yield Projections

‘Low Numbers and High Emotions’ Showcased at #PFtour19

‘Pollination Issues, Ear Worm Pressure’ Top #PFtour19 Concerns

MONDAY: Pro Farmer’s Midwest Crop Tour kicked off in South Dakota and Ohio. Here’s everything you need to know about what scouts found today.

RESULTS: Crop Tour: South Dakota and Ohio Yields Plummet with Poor Planting

‘Sobering’ Sights Greet #PFTour19 Scouts

Pest Pressure Bears Down On #PFTour19 Scouts


Grete: Immature Crops to Present Challenge in Ohio

Is There Time For Ohio Crops To Overcome Unprecedented Immaturity?

Scouts Find What Farmers Already Knew: Variability Plagues Ohio


Inconsistent, Sparse Fields Plague South Dakota

Soybeans Have a Long Way to Go in South Dakota

Corn Needs Extra Two to Three Weeks to Beat Frost

Crop Tour: Is Nebraska the Sweet Spot for Corn?

Find complete Crop Tour route reports, market analysis and historical comparisons at ProFarmer.com.


Jerry Gulke: Will Pro Farmer Crop Tour Validate or Invalidate USDA?

How Will Pro Farmer Crop Tour Account For Immature Crops, Bare Fields?

Crop Tours Hit The Road