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Visit a New Online Soybean Resource

04:38AM Apr 19, 2012


What good is knowledge if it isn’t shared with others? Wendell Calhoun, communications lead for Syngenta, says his company has been looking for new ways to streamline its agronomic knowledge more efficiently for its farmer and retailer customers. That need has led to the creation of a Virtual Classroom, a new online resource for soybean farmers that debuted in March.
"We took our experts and expertise and put all the information in a one-stop shop," Calhoun says. "Producers are very busy. We’re doing what we can to keep them as informed as possible without having to go to a bunch of different websites."
Scott Erickson, soybean genetics portfolio manager, says the soybean crop was a prime Virtual Classroom focus because it has become a more complex crop to manage in recent years, with R&D efforts promising many more traits and technologies in the pipeline.
"We’re discovering outcomes every day that haven’t even been imagined before," he says. "Companies like Syngenta can only be successful if they can manage some of that complexity, transfer their knowledge and make it usable."
The Virtual Classroom contains commodity information, links to product labels, videos, news links and more. It also features a regularly updated "Soybean Insider" blog, soybean training courses and social media strategies. Calhoun says additional site enhancements and the potential to launch virtual classrooms for other crops is possible, pending user feedback.
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