Wagon Packs in the Bushels

11:53AM Sep 28, 2013
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Written by Nate Birt and Margy Fischer

The Unverferth model 730 wagon offers 750-bu. capacity and an unloading chute with a self-locking, spring-loaded latching mechanism for easy use. The chute offers a center-dump reflector for pit unloading and can be adjusted from 15" to 18" in height. A metering door sim­plifies grain sampling. Steep-sloped walls speed up unloading, up to 409 bu. per minute. A pull-through hitch allows the fully loaded wagon to be pulled in tandem and features connections for linking multiple units. Four-wheel surge-activated brakes that automatically disengage during backing come stan­dard. The patented UltraSteer chassis allows the wagon to be turned in a 40% tighter radius than traditional wagons. Torsion bar suspension and extra-wide 42" runner spacings keep the wagon stable. One-piece unitized sidewall construction and the flame-cut one-piece end supports increase strength and capacity. The unloading door’s rack-and-pinion mech­­anism with gear reduction allows for easy opening. A high-intensity halogen lamp is located above the unloading door for nighttime work. Left-side unloading is standard, and right-side unloading is an option. Accessories include a rollover tarp and fenders with side marker lights. The wagon starts at $24,150. For more information, visit www.unverferth.com.