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Wall Street Journal Highlights Farmer Mistrust of Big Data

12:05PM Feb 26, 2014

Farmer mistrust about the use of data gleaned from precision farming technology made the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning. 

The article covers ground that should be familiar to most farmers and users. It notes that farmers are leery that the data might wind up in the wrong hands, push up cash rents, or used by seed companies to sell them more seed. It quotes a representative of the American Farm Bureau, who says the organization has held talks about setting up its own database.

Seed company officials are also quoted, vowing they won’t misuse the information and they don’t use to it raise seed prices. And several farmers speaking glowingly in the story about the yield improvements from precision farming.

Clearly, farmers have mixed feelings when it comes to the big data gleaned from precision farming technology.

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