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07:44AM Oct 29, 2014
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Two Ways to Arrive At Enough

I just finished reading your column in Top Producer about having enough. There is a short story in the book “Safed the Sage” by William Barton titled, “Having Enough.” The story concludes with a tale from the men of Arabia. Which man is richer: he who has $1 million, or he who has seven daughters? The answer is the man who has seven daughters because he has enough, and he knows it. Thank you for all the enjoyable and thought-provoking columns you write.--Yon Lindborg

This is a comment from Yon’s wife. Maybe men should ask their wives and younger children if the hours and hours spent with work are an issue. Most kids spell love t-i-m-e. So does this wife.--Alice Lindborg

Stop and Smell the Roses

I have recently—in the last two years—reduced the size of our operation and pay my employees very well. I still have that urge to grow, but I don’t need the income and enjoy the less pressure of reduced acres. I’m old enough to retire, and my wife would like that. 

Many farmers in our area keep growing and growing, mostly renting from investment groups where their income per acre is quite low. They are doing what I use to do, and you explain why that happens. Many farmers read what you say, and I hope they stop and smell the roses while listening.--Tom Cooreman

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