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Well-dressed For The Parlor

00:47AM Aug 20, 2014

Parlor apparel keeps employees looking sharp

Top dairy producers know keeping employees clean during work can improve efficiency. At World Dairy Expo’s (WDE) Trade Show, many exhibitors show off the latest in parlor apparel.
Waterproof chaps were a new item from Udder Tech, Inc. in 2013. The chaps, made with machine-washable, lightweight, durable fabric, feature buckles in the back, says Cheryl Mohn, president and founder.

They’re a good alternative, and "they’re not as warm as the bibs, which is nice in the warm weather months," she adds.

b udder tech chaps

Waterproof chaps by Udder Tech, Inc. debuted at the 2013 World Dairy Expo Trade Show.

Right fit. The "Homesteader," an all-purpose, nitrile glove from Milker’s Helpers, got more than a passing look. "You can use it for all kinds of chores," says Matt Fox, brand manager. "But it’s also strong enough for milking."

Most milking gloves are made of 5-ml nitrile, but these are 3.5-ml nitrile. "The advantage of the Homesteader is that they sell for 3¢ to 4¢ less per pair than higher milliliter gloves," Fox explains. "If you’re going through a 1,000 pairs of gloves in a week, that kind of savings can really add up."