What You Need to Know about the BSE Finding

09:49AM Apr 25, 2012
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On Tuesday, rumors of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy findings in a California dairy cow sent the cattle market into a tail spin. When the case was finally confirmed by USDA, the market had already closed.

Today, cattle futures prices are beginning to recover as U.S. beef trading partners say the news will not impact trade. Although this morning two major South Korean retailers said they would not be selling U.S. beef.

In light of the BSE finding in California, there continues to be misinformation about this disease. This particular case is "atypical" meaning that it wasn't contracted through feed. In a National Cattlemen's Beef Association conference call yesterday, Dr. Guy Loneragan, an epidemiologist and Professor of Food Safety and Public Health and at Texas Tech University, said this case is extremely rare and is "spontaneous" in nature. You can listen to more information from him at this link.

Below are some resources for facts and information on BSE, as well as coverage from different news agencies on this latest case.

Facts on BSE:

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