Which 10 States Have the Highest Cash Rent?

08:59AM Aug 28, 2018
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For 2018, the national average for cash rents on cropland is $138 per acre, which is 1.5% higher than 2017. The national average for irrigated cropland is $215 per acre, which is $3 per acre higher than last year. Pastureland stayed flat, averaging $12.50 per acre.
So which states have the highest cash rents in 2018?

StateCropland Cash Rent ($/acre)

Move the white sliders on the maps below to see how state-level cash rent prices have changed from 2017 to 2018.

Montana, Oklahoma and Texas have the lowest state-average cash rents in the country.

Maryland showed the largest year-over-year increase, 10%, for cropland cash rents. West Virginia posted a 7% increase over 2017 and Alabama cash rents increased by 6%.

Four states—Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida—saw a drop in state-average cash rents. Florida’s decline of 7% was the largest decrease. 

Cash rental rates have been on a steady increase over the last two decades. The U.S. average for cropland cash rent peaked in 2015 at $144 per acre. 

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