Which 10 States Have the Highest Cash Rent?

03:43PM Sep 15, 2017
( AgWeb )

For 2017, the national average for cash rents on cropland is $136 per acre, which shows no change from the 2016 national average. So what states have the highest cash rents in 2017?


Here are the top 10:

State Cropland Cash Rent ($/acre)
California $325
Hawaii $282
Arizona $250
Iowa $231
Illinois $218
Washington $198
Indiana $195
Nebraska $194
Minnesota $166
Idaho $160


Curious about the other end of the spectrum? The lowest state-average cash rents are in these 10 states:

State Cropland Cash Rent ($/acre)
New York $61
Virginia $60
Alabama $58
Wyoming $56.50
New Hampshire $54
South Carolina $46.50
West Virginia $42
Texas $40.50
Oklahoma $33
Montana $31.50


Don’t see your state? Here’s a full data set on 2017 state-average cropland cash rents from USDA. 

Cropland Cash Rents, by County

Click the county to see the cash rent Click the year tabs at the top to see how cash rents have changed since 2008. (Christopher Walljasper/Farm Journal Media)