Why Grain Companies Don't Care How Much It's Worth

October 28, 2016 12:52 PM
elevator grain elevator

Chip Flory has been the host of Market Rally for more than 2 years.

Phil Conradt of Tredas LLC. told Flory some information that earned him a “gold star.”

What was it? Listen here: 

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Mark C. Daggy
Humboldt, IA
10/30/2016 10:37 AM

  When corn prices flatten at under $3/bushel late last spring and no one was selling. Grain buyers ran the price of grain to above $4 in in several days in late June of 2016...but they had no intention of paying $4/bushel for their corn. They simply purchased a similar volume of corn at $4, short on CBOT, and ran the price down under $3 once again. What did they pay for their corn? That's right $3. Farmers need to stay away from CBOT and keep the grain in on farm storage and demand $6 before selling 1 bushel. Then if corn drops below $5, shut off 100% of all corn sales until it rises above $6. Dabbling in CBOT is a way for the non-farmers to steal your grain and maybe even your farm. Much like the facts surrounding "day traders" where it is said that 85% of them lose everything invested in 6 months. If the grain is in your bins....they must pay a profitable price or live without the grain. Let them feed their chickens, turkeys, egg layers and hogs grass and see how that works.