Why No Dairy Expansion? Take Our Quick Survey

09:04AM Jul 16, 2014
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With milk prices well above $20 across the country for much of 2014, we’d all expect a boatload of dairy expansion across the country.

While there is some building going on—an extension of a freestall barn here and a 200-cow new robotic barn there—growth hasn’t exploded like you’d normally expect. And there’s a whole raft of reasons: Folks still rebuilding balance sheets from 2009, high feed costs, building costs that have sky-rocketed, labor shortages, high land costs, regulatory concerns and on and on.

To get a better feel of expansion intentions, we need your help. Please take our quick survey—it’ll take you just a few minutes. Take the survey here. 

We need as many dairy farmers to respond as possible—whether you plan to expand or not. As important, we’d like to know why you’re planning an expansion or not. And if you’re willing to have us contact you for possible follow-up, please include your e-mail on the survey form. Again, the survey is quick and easy, and won’t take but a few minutes.

Thanks for your time. We’ll report the results in an upcoming issue of Dairy Today. --The editors.