Will Disaster Aid Relief Come A Little Too Late for Southern Growers?

09:16AM May 10, 2019
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Lawmakers on Capitol Hill first said a $17 million disaster aid bill could be agreed upon by the end of the work week. That would be a bill which could provide aid to help with natural disasters in Puerto Rico, the Midwest and the Southeast.

However, Southeastern growers have been waiting on disaster aid for two years, with promises to receive aid after Hurricanes Irma and Michael. For growers in the Southeast, the potential aid couldn’t come soon enough.

Betsy Jibben has the story from East-Central Georgia. She talks with Charles Smith, farmer from Jefferson County, Georgia; Ralph Sandeford, the President and CEO of Midville Gin and Warehouse, in Midville, GA; Bill Easterlin, the CEO and President of Queensborough National Bank in Louisville, GA and Ashley Arrington, founder of AgriAuthority and Credit Development Officer with Farmhold Financial.

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