Will you sign up for Farm Bill Dairy Program?

13:07PM Aug 14, 2014

With all the publicity surrounding the 2014 Farm Bill, there’s still a lot of uncertainty regarding the dairy program and margin protection insurance.

To gauge dairy farmer interest and get a better understanding of dairy farmer information needs about the dairy provisions, economists from Land Grant Universities are working with the United States Department of Agriculture. The economists have pulled together a short (and longer form) survey to gauge dairy farmer understanding of the program and interest in participation.

Major dairy publications, such as Dairy Today, are also cooperating in the effort. We’re pushing out the on-line link to the survey  via our web site and e-newsletters to get as broad participation as possible. Results will be available once the survey is completed.

"The participation rate may be critically important for how this program affects the markets in case of a margin decline, so knowing how many producers anticipate signing up is going to be a useful information for you," says Marin Bozic, a University of Minnesota dairy economist who worked on pulling the survey questions together. "Take the survey today to help us provide information that will be important for your participation decision".

You can take the survey here.