WinField United Unveils Data-Backed Prescription Promise

09:54AM Dec 10, 2019
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With limited availability in 2020, WinField United is launching the data-driven Advanced Acre Prescription Program, which will refund a portion of the farmer’s out of pocket expenses for input decisions if the farmer does not achieve a predetermined yield goal. 

“If a farmer uses a combination of prescribed products, coupled with tissue sampling and our ag tech capabilities, WinField United will back the prescription up to 95% of the grower’s actual production history. If they don’t achieve that, then a portion of the farmer’s program fees will be refunded,” says Leah Anderson, vice president of crop protection marketing for WinField United. 

She says with 20 years of experience and data from the Answer Plot program, the company is able to provide research and real-world experiences at a local level. 

“Crowd-sourced data can’t compete,” Anderson says. “Our retail partners can use quality data to drive  predictable and profitable performance for every acre.” 

The company says its Answer Plot program generates more than six million data points every year. Layering its data with its locally owned ag retail and agronomy team, the Advanced Acre Prescription Program was designed to help reinforce confidence in the products and services farmers are buying. 

“Farmers are challenged to navigate how to make the best decisions given all of the uncertainty and pressures to profitability of today,” Anderson says. “Ag retailers can help bring them tools and capabilities that they need.” 

A full commercial launch is expected in 2021. The target percentage of APH varies by plan.

“This is just one of the latest examples of how WinField United has been actively working with retail partners and farmer owners to advance the industry’s needs,” she says. 

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