Wisconsin DNR Audits Manure Plans

17:47PM Mar 13, 2012

Source: Wisconsin Dairy Business Association

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has started to enforce Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) implementation of nutrient management plans by performing on-site manure audits. Farms are being selected based upon certain factors such as: prior history and compliance record, upcoming expiration of the farm's permit and if the farm has been inspected in the last three to five years.
DNR will be evaluating how well the farm understands and implements their nutrient management plan and how well they communicate their plan and manure hauling practices to others.
To date, the DNR has performed six audits. Two of the audits indicated the farm fully implemented their plans, another two showed a lack of full implementation and the final two audits indicated the farms had not implemented their plans at all. All farms audited will receive written reports and dates by which corrections must be made. Repeat violators could have enforcement actions taken upon them.
The DNR has created a manure hauling audit checklist for farmers and manure haulers. To view this audit checklist, click here.