Zoetis Completes Manufacturing Facility for SYNOVEX Implants

August 20, 2015 09:13 PM

Zoetis today announced that the company has completed an expansion of its global manufacturing and supply facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, to help meet the demand for SYNOVEX implants. The new 19,000-square-foot, three-story facility will house the global manufacturing operations for SYNOVEX, which helps improve gain and feed efficiency in beef cattle.

“Enhancing our manufacturing capacity is an important step we have taken to make sure our customers know they can rely on us to bring them the high-quality SYNOVEX implants they have used for decades,” said Paul Parker, senior marketing manager with Zoetis. “Cattle performance is more important than ever in this era of high cattle prices, and SYNOVEX implants can help our customers maximize the productivity of their cattle.”

Continued investment in new products and environmental impact

Zoetis continues to invest in research and development of SYNOVEX. Last year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted a label extension for SYNOVEX CHOICE for use in heifers.

In 2014, the FDA completed an environmental impact review of SYNOVEX CHOICE, the first beef-cattle implant to receive such an assessment. The FDA evaluated and approved data from in-depth environmental modeling studies completed by Zoetis, which examined exposure of the active ingredients in SYNOVEX CHOICE — trenbolone acetate and estradiol benzoate — and their metabolites. The studies also evaluated direct impact of these ingredients. The FDA issued Zoetis a FONSI (finding of no significant impact) on the environmental assessment, including waterways, air, plants or aquatic species, when used according to label directions.1

“The Zoetis commitment to SYNOVEX has never been stronger,” Parker said. “We have actively secured new label claims and new product approvals from the FDA as well as completed the scientific research necessary to meet the FDA’s rigorous standards to protect the environment. Together with a significant investment in our manufacturing facility in Lincoln, we are taking a leap forward to meet the global demand for SYNOVEX implants.”

Quality-control testing, validation of the manufacturing facility and building inventories of SYNOVEX formulations are now underway. 


IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not use SYNOVEX products in veal calves. Refer to label for complete directions for use, precautions, and warnings.


Source: Zoetis 

1 U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Finding of No Significant Impact in support of a supplemental NADA 141-043. June 29, 2014.

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