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Nov 11, 2019

"Pumpkage" - Putting Recycled Pumpkins to Use in the Cow's Diet

After Halloween and Thanksgiving, put pumpkins in cattle rations instead of the dump.
Corn, Soybeans
Nov 08, 2019

Mixed Bag for Corn and Soybean Prices: Watch These Market Signals

Wondering where corn and soybean prices will headed? Watch these market signals, analysts say.
Nov 07, 2019

Online Meat and Data Companies Partner to Understand Future Customers

Crowd Cow, the online meat company, is partnering with Midan Marketing to study consumers’ behaviors when purchasing meat.
Wendy's Restaurant
Oct 31, 2019

Fast-Food Antibiotic Scorecard Released by Consumer Groups

Consumer groups give many U.S. restaurant chains failing grades for their policies regarding antibiotics used in their beef supply for burgers and other beef dishes.
Gas pump biofuels
Oct 28, 2019

More Questions than Answers on China, Biofuels Package

What are farmers to make of the recent announcement about biofuels, and is a trade deal with China just talk?
Oct 23, 2019

How Badly Has Weather Hurt Yields?

Analysts believe accurate corn and soybean yield reports may not arrive until January.
US China Trade War
Oct 23, 2019

Are Trade Talks Just Talk?

U.S.-China trade talks have new developments economists say are promising.
Farm Journal TV app
Oct 22, 2019

Mike Hoffman: Expect An Active Weather Pattern This Week

Was this week’s rainfall enough to fight drought conditions, and what is meteorologist Mike Hoffman expecting in the next 30 days?
Budget Deadline
Sep 19, 2019

Deadline Extended for Dairy Margin Coverage Program

Sept. 27 is the new DMC deadline, instead of previous Sept. 20 date.