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Dec 12, 2019

Get that horse some fresh hay

In what would appear to be a near classic case of buy the rumor/sell the fact, after hearing about the largest single soybean sale to China since April, the bean market turned tail and closed lower yesterday, ending the rally streak at six higher closes in a row. Realistically, this
Dec 10, 2019

Need a dose of China-lax

I am at the National Grain and Feed convention this week, and yesterday, Ag Secretary Sonny Purdue told the audience here that President Trump does not want to implement the next round of tariffs on the 15th of December but wants to see “movement” from China to avoid them. It
Dec 09, 2019

Better find some new music soon

I am scheduled for early morning travel to begin this week, so the daily comments will be a bit shorter than usual. That said, we do not have an abundance of news as we begin this week and have been confronted with steady to slightly soft action in grains while
Dec 06, 2019

Do you like pork and beans?

Don’t you just love pork and beans? I know I do. Granted, that may not be the choice for those who are concerned about how much methane we are sending into the atmosphere, but it is a favored dish for many and obviously is for the Chinese. They announced this
Dec 05, 2019

If I did not have bad luck

You know how it is when things are just not going well, and the bad news just keeps piling on. We have all heard the old saying, "If I did not have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all." There reaches a point where you are ready to
Dec 04, 2019

And they said it couldn't happen

And they said it couldn’t happen. No, I am not reminiscing about the Chicago Cubs clinching the world series back in 2016, which only took 108 years from their previous world series championship, or even the fond memories of the last Chicago Bears Super Bowl domination in 1986. No, I
Dec 03, 2019

Just another day in the life of trade wars

Trade war rumbles are front and center again this morning, but thankfully grain markets appear to be looking beyond that news. I suspect tariff fatigue may becoming more in more ingrained within the psyche of the trade. That said, in case you missed, in addition to the announced tariff on
Dec 02, 2019

The final month underway

The final month of 2019 is officially underway, and the grain and soy markets appear to be evening up the ledger a bit from the action last Friday with soft trade in the grains and strength in wheat. Keep in mind that corn did provide us with a nice reversal
Nov 29, 2019

Bring on December

The bears not only got to feast on the turkey for Thanksgiving, but they were also so excited about the meal on Wednesday, they decided to throw a few bulls into the oven as well. Not unexpectedly, news and markets are quiet for this last trading day of November, and