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Oct 16, 2019

Harvest Flu

While it has not spread to everyone just yet, it would appear that the bulls in the corn market have contracted a case of the harvest flu. We had suggested that they be proactive and get vaccinated before things got too busy, but not surprisingly, they were a bit “bull-headed.”
Oct 15, 2019

Bulls getting weary?

While it is difficult to say if it is just a case of Tuesday Undo action in the grain and soy markets, but we are experiencing a swoon in prices overnight. We should keep in mind as well that we have now seen prices steadily advance over the past six
Oct 11, 2019

Batting 1000

The USDA appears to be batting 1000 here in 2019 as each report not only provides a certain amount of surprise for the markets but a bit of controversy as well. Briefly, production for both corn and soybeans were reduced, but in the case of corn, that was solely due
Oct 10, 2019

Happy Report Day, I think.

Happy Report Day. I wonder if Hallmark has any cards that would be appropriate for such an occasion, but of course, you would need a supply of both sympathy and celebration messages depending on the recipient. Seeing that will undoubtedly be the key driving force for the session, once again
Oct 09, 2019

Encore performance

Most years by the time we have reached October, weather markets are but a distant memory, but here in 2019, the weather has returned to the center stage for an encore performance. It almost seems fitting for what we have experienced already this year. As predictions for heavy snow and
Oct 08, 2019

Calm before the storm?

Is this the calm before the storm, both figuratively and literally? Grain and soy markets are trading quietly lower this morning but as a whole are doing more than treading water at this point. Looking forward in the week though, we appear to have a potential trifecta of market-moving events;
Oct 07, 2019

More than enough to keep everyone guessing

Trade in the grain and soy markets has begun the week rather innocuously, but don’t be lulled into complacency as we have more than a few items coming up that could provide excitement. Harvest is set to move into a higher gear but not without a few hiccups. A hard
Oct 04, 2019

One step ahead for ag, one step behind for equities

Grain and soy markets are trading softer as we move into the final few hours of this week, but for the week as a whole, except for wheat, which really did not receive any positive news on Monday, we are looking at solid gains. If we finished right now, December
Oct 03, 2019

That should be enough to get talks started on the right foot

Grain and soy markets have witnessed a little two-sided action in the overnight trade, but right now, they appear to be intent on extending yesterday's weakness. The wheat market actually suffered the most significant washout yesterday, which stands to reason as realistically, there was nothing in the reports on Monday