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Aug 07, 2020

Restocking those shelves

After seeing many of the bean shelves become alarmingly barren a few months back, China has been on a mission to restock the larder. Thus far, the import pinnacle was set in June when they unloaded 11.16 MMT, but they did not fall far from that pace in July with
Aug 06, 2020

Good news of sorts

If it were not for the weekly export sales, it would seem there would be little else to talk about in the ag markets this morning. Sales all fell within the range of expectations for the week but regardless, were still quite solid for both corn and beans. For the
Aug 05, 2020

Getting kicked when you are down

While the news in the ag arena remains sparse, and little of it fresh, it remains predominantly bearish. Realistically, that should not come as a surprise as when prices are at or are near bottoms; it seems the only thing you hear are the stories that try and reinforce why
Aug 04, 2020

Take your pick

Lifeless, uninspired, dreary, lackluster, take your pick. Any of these adjectives would be appropriate to describe the action in the grain and soy markets at this time, and why not, as there would appear to be no “out of the ordinary” driving force to instill life into the price action
Aug 03, 2020

Second verse, same as the first

Here is a bit of pop trivia that may be lost on most born after 1958 or so. In 1965 a British group, Herman's Hermits, made it to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart with a snappy little song, "I'm Henry VII, I Am." My apologies if you
Jul 31, 2020

Out of balance

Granted, it is the final week of a month, but overall it has been a rough one for the grain and soy markets, and in particular for corn. If you think of the classic balance scale, and on one side, the dish holds the largest single-day sale of corn to
Jul 30, 2020

Dogs days already

It is not even quite August yet, and it already feels like the “dog days of summer.” Of course, on a typical year, many would be preoccupied with squeezing in one final vacation and finalizing back to school plans. For some, this year, the vacation choice is limited to either
Jul 29, 2020

Mid-week wearies

It would seem that we have another case of mid-week wearies, with a lack of fresh information and grain and soy market acting listless. I guess that is not a bad alternative to the dour action we witnessed yesterday. Looking at the extended weather forecast, it would appear relatively safe
Jul 28, 2020

Easy Math

Well, it certainly does not take a math whiz to work out this equation. Moisture + seasonably warm temperatures = higher crop ratings. Of course, this generally leads then to the next assumption that; higher crop ratings = lower futures prices. Granted, that second part is not an absolute, but