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Sep 25, 2020

Still the best looking horse

My, what a difference a week can make. Last Friday, bulls were in full party mode as we extended the corn and wheat rallies to the highest levels traded since March and beans to the highest levels witnessed in two years, only to fall flat on their face this week
Sep 24, 2020

All streaks must come to an end

I am afraid the streak has been broken as there were no new sales in the daily reporting system, but we continue to pile up the numbers in the weekly report. For the week ending September 17th, we sold 3,194,700 MT or 117.4 million bushels of soybeans, outpacing even the
Sep 23, 2020

Can't we have something else to eat?

As I have commented many a time, if you expect a bull calf to grow, you need to provide fresh feed on a regular basis. Physiologically, I guess that really applies to all living things, although in my case, I should be backing away from the trough far more often
Sep 22, 2020

Mass Psychogenic Illness?

Mass Psychogenic Illness. That almost sounds too scary, more like the diagnosis for a character's behavior in a Steven King novel. How about Mass Hysteria? That sounds more appropriate for the action we witnessed across a relatively broad swath of markets yesterday. Double-digit losses in wheat and beans, corn down
Sep 21, 2020

To the contrary

Despite accusations to the contrary, undoubtedly leveled by those on the losing side of a market swing, our grain and soy markets are still directed by the forces of supply and demand. Sometimes, what we cling to be true about those factors may be askew, and we will push further
Sep 18, 2020

More help on the way

Yesterday, I commented about the confluence of factors that have worked together to push the bean market higher over the past 45-days, but realistically, the same applies to the corn and even wheat markets at this point. If we were to wrap up the week right now, we would find
Sep 17, 2020

Soufflé's can be finicky

What do you get when you mix up a hot, dry August, substantial buying by the world’s largest importer, a declining U.S. Dollar, and toss in a dash of acreage reduction for good measure? Well, of course, you get a bean rally souffle. Over the past 20-weeks, spot bean futures
Sep 16, 2020

W T Ouch

I am not sure if there is a logical explanation for it, but it seems that on Wednesday, or Mittwoch, for those literal-minded Germans out there, we are often devoid of much market-making news. "Big" government reports are released either early or late in the week, and outside of daily
Sep 15, 2020

Leading the charge

It would appear that the Bean Brigade, led by Teddy Tofu, remain energized as they extend the charge up Soy Juan Hill. While their courage and determination is commendable, it does not appear to be instilling much confidence in the grain troops as they appear to have lost their footing