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Jun 19, 2020

Myth or curse?

If we could somehow ignore the action in wheat, this would appear to have been an encouraging performance grain/soy world this week. Basis levels have been improving overall, corn futures have shown resiliency bouncing away from critical support and are poised to close higher for the week and beans have
Jun 18, 2020

Ounce of prevention

Will an ounce of prevention turn out to be a pound of cure? Cured meat in this instance. Obviously, that is what the Chinese government has decided as they continue to heighten testing on imported meat products as a means to ward off, bringing another strain of COVID-19 into their
Jun 17, 2020

Almost summer

A few days remain until we have “officially” reached summer (4:43 pm CST this coming Saturday), but understandably, the markets are already in summer mode. With really little else to focus on at this time, the weather is the dominant influence on trade, and with rains in the forecast for
Jun 16, 2020

Minor dose of reality

The corn market was presented with a little dose of reality yesterday when the USDA issued the weekly crop condition update. We are familiar with the saying that All that Glitters is not Gold and Uncle Sam reminded us that all that's Green is not Great. Granted, we only witnessed
Jun 15, 2020

Which boat are you on?

“I never met a man I didn’t like.” – Will Rodgers-1927. “I never met a corn contract I didn’t want to short.” - Large Specs-2020. While they have not quite reached record levels just yet, it would appear that large speculators are living by that slogan this year. According to
Jun 12, 2020

Living in the shadow of...

With the exception of global wheat ending stocks at the end of the 2020/21 crop year, which, without question were bearish, the rest of the numbers on the June production and supply/demand report were not significant. Yes, the USDA seems to be the lone holdout in not reducing corn and
Jun 11, 2020

The Fed put remains in play

Yesterday afternoon, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivered a rather gloomy forecast for the U.S. economy for the next couple of years. This, in turn, appears to have burst the bubble in the equity markets that has recently been inflated by ideas of a V recovery and, more recently, a jobs
Jun 10, 2020

Cristobal Crash?

Shall we refer to it as the Cristobal Crash? Well, a crash is a bit of an over-exaggeration. Maybe Cristobal Crack would be more in line, but regardless of the moniker attached, the rains that pushed into the Midwest over the past 24-hours appeared to be enough to wash away
Jun 09, 2020

It is Tuesday after all

With above-average planting progress and respectable crop ratings, the logical assumption would be to expect prices to be under pressure, and that is precisely what we have this morning. In the case of corn and beans, this would appear to be little more than a breather within a short-term advance