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Dan Hueber

Articles By Dan Hueber

Aug 05, 2019

Monday morning blues

Grain and soy markets are suffering from a combined case of trade tariff blues and good weather flu this morning, and we have prices under pressure as far as the eye can see. With the exception of beans, we have not really suffered any more than what we had already
Aug 02, 2019

Who asked for this sequel?

Once again yesterday, markets across a vast spectrum were stricken with TTT, Trade Tariff Terrors. Not unlike movie sequels that never seem to end, President Trump once again has stepped up the threat level and announced the U.S. would raise tariffs another 10% on $300 billion in Chinese goods. This
Aug 01, 2019

A return to Bizarro World

New month, new attitude toward the grain and soy markets? Too early to pose that as anything but a question but at least we find relatively stable markets after suffering through another WWF worthy smackdown yesterday. Granted, the bear predictions have become even more emboldened after the past several days,
Jul 31, 2019

There are no requirements to think rationally

With nothing that can realistically be classified as “fresh” positive news, the path of least resistance as we close out the month of July has without question been to the downside. Bother beans and wheat have yet to venture into new low territory, but the corn market has now been
Jul 30, 2019

Could I have the Methylcellulose on the side?

While it would truly seem nonsensical at this point, the excuse provided for the lower trade in the corn market overnight was attributed to the improved crop rating in the weekly report. In case you missed it, corn in the good/excellent category improved 1%, returning the 1% lost the previous
Jul 29, 2019

Define Millions

Grain and soy markets opened the week with additional selling pressure, but obviously, the bears did not have a firm conviction and prices have turned up into positive territory. It would be premature to read too much into this price action but the performance that we are witnessing in corn
Jul 26, 2019

Started on the wrong foot and may end that way

Trade in the grain/soy markets began this week on a sour note, and it would appear we could finish in the same fashion. While weather concerns and the prospects of renewed dialog with the Chinese provided glimpses of hope here and there, sagging demand and a lack of genuinely fresh
Jul 25, 2019

Those muscles look a bit flabby

The grain markets continue to struggle with a rather benign weather outlook for the next week or so but before they completely stumbled, still managed to pass the bull-baton over to beans who have anxiously been waiting for an opportunity to try and forge ahead and show us just what
Jul 24, 2019

Not for lack of effort

While it was certainly not for lack of effort, but bears were unable to keep the grain and soy markets under pressure yesterday as prices worked back into the positive column for the close, which has led to additional strength in the overnight hours. Does this mean the correction is