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Jan 10, 2020

Open Wide

We have all heard the expression of “drinking from a firehose,” and that is evidently what the USDA has in mind for us on this the 10th day of this new year. As noted yesterday, weekly export sales were delayed until this morning due to the winter storms in Washington
Jan 09, 2020

Collective sigh of relief

Markets appear to be letting out a collective sigh of relief as the U.S./Iranian situation appears to be tempering. In fact, for many that have been in that “risk-off” state of mind, prices have bounced, almost as if it were a celebratory rebound. Even crude oil has a slight bounce
Jan 08, 2020

Tensions rising

As tensions and uncertainty rise with the current U.S./Iran confrontation, markets as a whole appear to be retreating inward to an even more cautious/risk-off type stance. While the grain/soy markets were quiet again overnight, there was excitement in two markets that you would expect to be impacted by this situation
Jan 07, 2020

Such a tease

Markets can be such a tease at times. It was just a week ago today that grain and soybean prices were stretching higher on the rallying cry of “The Chinese are coming, the Chinese are coming,” and we finished out the year at some of the best closing levels witnessed
Jan 06, 2020

A risk-off morning

If one wanted to find a single phrase to summarize trade this morning, I would vote for risk-off. This really should come as no surprise as anytime there is tension and uncertainty, and particularly when it is on an international scale with countries that hold nuclear weapons, people seem to
Jan 03, 2020

Make hay when...

"Você tem que fazer feno enquanto o sol está brilhando." Apologies in advance to any readers who are fluent in Portuguese as I am not sure how accurate that translation was, but it should convert back to English as "You have to make hay while the sun is shining." Of
Jan 02, 2020

And we're off

And we’re off. 2020 trade in the grain and soy markets has officially begun, and as a whole, Welcome to the first trading day of 2020, and it would appear that we are off to a positive start. Well, almost everywhere as it seems, there always has to be an
Dec 31, 2019

We Made It!

We made it. The final day of 2019 and decade of the 2010s is upon us, and of all things, it would appear that the wheat market wants to lead us out of this dry and barren plot that we have been wandering in for the past five years and
Dec 30, 2019

Parties have begun on the Big Island

They are partying on the Big Island of Hawaii this morning. No, it is not because they are getting a head start on New Year’s celebrations but rather because this morning China announced that they have approved a new GMO variety of Papayas, and 95% of this crop produced by