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Aug 16, 2019

Dan Murphy: World’s Worst Slogan: ‘Leave Animals Alone.'

The shameless partisans at PETA have made a living claiming that we must avoid all contact with animals — especially food animals. Here’s Exhibit No. 275 why that message is all wrong.
Aug 14, 2019

Dan Murphy: Impossible? Not Really

After sampling the vaunted Impossible Burger patty at a local restaurant, I must say: It’s good, not great; edible, not memorable; decent, if not delectable — but it retails at twice the price!
Aug 13, 2019

Dan Murphy: Legacy Products Losing Their Luster?

Those once-trendy first-gen veggie patties have been eclipsed by the newer alt-meat products eagerly lionized on social media. But predictions of the old school’s demise are highly exaggerated.
Aug 06, 2019

Dan Murphy: Gimme An Info-Break

We’re used to the exaggerated claims made by late-night hustlers selling us some fabulous new appliance. But when it comes to online diet plans, this one begs the term ‘outrageous.’
Aug 02, 2019

Dan Murphy: Skip The Salmon; Order The Beef

Marine biologists are officially worried that orcas, or killer whales, are threatened by the decline in stocks of salmon that orcas prefer as their primary food source.
Jul 31, 2019

Dan Murphy: The Meat Hierarchy

Dieticians have long segregated proteins as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Now, one self-anointed diet guru is pretending there’s a rank order among meat, poultry and seafood.
Jul 30, 2019

Dan Murphy: How Not To Eat Meat

Here’s a case study demonstrating everything one shouldn’t do to promote the nutritional value and the culinary enjoyment of eating meat.
Jul 25, 2019

Dan Murphy: Cashew Denial — With A Smile

The fruit of the tropical cashew tree is used in a variety of vegan menu items, which presents a problem vegans choose to ignore - rainforests are destroyed to cultivate cashew trees.
Jul 24, 2019

Dan Murphy: 2069, Here We Come

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969, it’s a timely occasion to speculate how agriculture, business and politics might evolve five decades from now.