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BT USDA Beef Hot Carcass Packer
Nov 04, 2019

Derrell Peel: Holiday Beef Demand Kicks In

Boxed beef prices increased about ten percent over the month of October into early November, a significantly higher increase than the normal seasonal bump.
Oct 28, 2019

More Heifers On Feed Keeping Slaughter Higher In 2019

Friday's USDA cattle on feed report pegged heifer numbers at 39.1 of feedlot inventories, the highest percentage in more than 18 years, and year-to-date heifer slaughter is up more than 7%.
Pigs at Wakefield Pork web
Oct 21, 2019

African Swine Fever Will Impact Global Protein Market For Years

The losses to ASF are creating a major protein deficit in China that is impacting all protein markets globally as China attempts to mitigate reduced meat supplies.
UNL Calf Winter Hay
Oct 14, 2019

Derrell Peel: Issues In Agricultural and Food Markets

Agricultural markets will be impacted by world population growth, economic growth and the expanding middle class, African Swine Fever and the development of alternative proteins.
Oct 07, 2019

Derrell Peel: Packing Plant Fire Disruptions Fading, Part 2

While many cattlemen were surprised and frustrated with market reactions after the fire, Derrell Peel says the type and duration of price behavior are exactly what is predicted by market economics.
Sep 30, 2019

Packing Plant Fire Disruptions Fading, Part 1

With seven weeks passed since the fire at Tyson's Finney County, Kan. plant, the impacts and resulting ripple effects are clearer now and are fading as expected.
Sep 23, 2019

Derrell Peel: A Peak In Feedlot Inventories?

The September Cattle on Feed report highlights some regional differences in the current feedlot situation among the four largest feeding states.
Sep 16, 2019

Growing Demand In China Dominates Global Beef Trade

The rapid growth in Chinese beef imports has dramatically altered global beef flows with several countries now exporting a significant share of total exports to China.
Sep 09, 2019

Derrell Peel: Cattle Imports Update

Cattle imports for July were lower than a year ago, but the total for the first seven months of 2019 are higher.