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BT Hereford Angus Cows
Jan 20, 2020

Glenn Selk: Signs of Impending Calving in Cows or Heifers

As the spring calving season begins, beef cows will show typical signs that will indicate to the rancher that parturition is imminent.

Cow Calf Nursing
Jan 06, 2020

Glenn Selk: The Three Stages of Parturition

Many spring calving herds will begin calving around the first of February, if not before, so an increased understanding of the “calving” or parturition process is helpful.

Cull cows
Dec 30, 2019

Glenn Selk: Timely Marketing Of Cull Cows Can Add Value

Cull beef cows represent 10% of the beef consumed in the U.S. and they represent 20% of the gross income of commercial ranches, making proper cull cow management important.

UNL Nebraska Cow calf Pasture Range
Dec 06, 2019

Plan Now for Colostrum Needs This Spring

It is not too soon to begin to prepare for the spring calving season. Locating, obtaining, and storing several doses of colostrum or colostrum replacer will come in handy before the first heifers start to go into labor.

Cow Calf Spring MIZZOU
Nov 11, 2019

Glenn Selk: Prepare Now For Spring Calving

Preparing ahead for next spring’s calving season can help increase the chances of success and there are several key steps that would be good to conduct in November or December.

Oklahoma State University winter cow hay_1
Nov 04, 2019

How Much Hay Will A Cow Consume?

Estimating forage usage by cows is an important part of the task of calculating winter feed needs. Hay or standing forage intake must be estimated in order to make the calculations.

BT Hereford Angus Cows
Oct 21, 2019

Selk: Maintain Body Condition Between Calving and Breeding

Body condition changes from the time the cow calves until she begins the breeding season and can play a significant role in the rebreeding success story.

Hay 04
Oct 14, 2019

Knowing Hay Quality Affects Supplementation Strategy

Meeting the supplemental protein needs for the cows and replacement heifers consuming that forage must be done properly and economically.

Cull cows
Oct 07, 2019

Glenn Selk: The Impact of Dressing Percent on Cull Cow Marketing

Cull cows represent about 20% of the gross income in commercial cow calf operations. Understanding the major factors impacting cull cow prices is important to your bottom line.