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K-State Dairy Heifers 2016 63
Oct 11, 2019

Springer Prices Stagnant, Dairy Sales Decline

The gradual recovery of U.S. milk prices has not yet reached the dairy replacement market.
Dairy TMR Feedbunk
Oct 11, 2019

Online Forage Management Course Offered by Cornell

A convenient and in-depth virtual course on forage management is being offered by Cornell University.
Brown Swiss Calf - Calf Starter
Oct 11, 2019

Many Factors Affect Starter Grain Consumption

Starter grain plays an important role in both rumen development and readiness for weaning in young calves.
Autofed Dairy Calves
Oct 10, 2019

Colostrum Quality Influences Long-term Health

The colostrum you fed a heifer calf this morning is one of the main predictors of her health as both a calf and a cow.
Dairy Holstein Heifer Calf
Oct 10, 2019

Dehorning Calves: Sedation vs. Pain Management

Dehorning is a common and necessary practice in dairy production, but it’s not a procedure that should be taken lightly in terms of animal well-being.
Sep 06, 2019

World Dairy Expo Seminars Offer Variety, Insights

These free seminars offer continuing education credits and promise to address a wide variety of current dairy industry concerns.
Geburt eines Kalbes
Sep 06, 2019

Dystocia in Heifers Takes a Toll

After incurring the investment to raise a heifer to freshening age, a difficult calving is the last thing you want as she attempts to enter the milking string.
Aug 09, 2019

Sustainable Agriculture Summit Unites Food Industry

How can the most productive agricultural system on earth compete in a global marketplace?
Heins Family Farms 01
Aug 09, 2019

Dairying in 2069

Today’s U.S. dairy calf and heifer raisers may be ahead of the curve in adopting the management styles that will drive the U.S. dairy industry 50 years from now.