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Feeding calf with bottle of milk
Jun 08, 2020

New Study Supports Value of Feeding Transition Milk

The common industry practice of feeding first-day colostrum and then switching calves directly to whole milk or milk replacer may be under review.

Disbudded Holstein Calf
Jun 05, 2020

A Look at the Future of Disbudding

Dehorning or disbudding calves is a decades-old practice that has changed over the years, and more changes are coming.

Weaned Heifers Eating
Jun 05, 2020

Springer Values Rebounding

Livestock auctions across the country continue to maintain social distancing policies and many have other altered formats, but Holstein springer prices held steady or climbed to pre-COVID levels in May.

Farm at Sunset
Jun 04, 2020

Off-farm Income: A 2020 Ag Economic Wildcard

Nearly all U.S. farms depend on some off-farm income each year.

mother cow and newborn black and white calf in straw inside barn of dutch farm
Jun 04, 2020

Lifetime Calf Health and Productivity Starts Before Birth

What happens to calves in the last three months before they are born can influence their own lifetime outcomes, and even those of their offspring.

Holstein heifer herd check
May 08, 2020

Springers Steady in Open Markets

Holstein springer values held their own compared to last month in most parts of the country.

May 08, 2020

Kohl: Transforming the “Black Swan” into a “Phoenix”

The total impact of the COVID-19 crisis on American agriculture is far from a final assessment.

Yearling Heifers
May 08, 2020

Early Breeding of Heifers May be Weighing You Down

Just because a heifer can get pregnant to calve at 21 months doesn’t necessarily mean she should be bred that early.

Weaned Heifers
May 07, 2020

#WeanCleanTM Focuses on Healthy Lungs for Dairy Calves

A set of lungs that becomes damaged in calfhood will impair a dairy heifer for the rest of her life.