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Apr 26, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: John Boelts

They say farmers are optimists. John Boelts of Yuma, Arizona believes that is true, but he also knows that better times don’t come on their own. This way of life takes commitment and vision for the future. Growing up, John learned to love agriculture from his surroundings. Until John was
Mar 28, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Carrie Mess

Carrie Mess has always been an animal lover, but growing up as a city kid, she never imagined that she’d become known by so many as Dairy Carrie. “I had no farm background whatsoever. I was the girl that never grew out of loving horses.” Carrie laughs. “Before the cows
Jan 30, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Kat Becker and Tony Shultz

Tucked between conventional dairy farms in north central Wisconsin is a small farm that Kat Becker and Tony Shultz have made their home. They farm for many reasons. “Our farm is called Stoney Acres Farm. We’re a certified organic, third generation family farm in Marathon County.” Kat smiles. When Tony
Jan 24, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Dana Dagman

Growing up in the suburbs, Dana Dagman never imagined she’d become a farmer. In fact, when she met her husband, Travis, they had no intention of coming back to the family farm. After graduating from North Dakota State University, she and Travis got jobs in the city. She held a
Jan 16, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Wayne Salisbury

Wayne Salisbury’s Rhode Island farm has been a part of the family for seven generations. As an agritourism destination, over the last twenty years, the farm has become important to other families as well. The dairy Wayne grew up on has transformed into a diverse produce and hay farm. “I
Jan 10, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Russ Pinkelman

Raised on a farm in Nebraska, Russ Pinkelman never imagined he’d grow up to be a farmer in Alaska. But after coming to Alaska with friends in 1977, Russ never looked back. However, it wasn’t agriculture that drew him to The Last Frontier. In the beginning, he was offered a
Jan 03, 2017

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Bryce Wrigley

Life as a farmer can be a winding journey. Bryce Wrigley grew up on a farm in Idaho, but opportunities in Alaska drew him north. Throughout the last 20 years, his family’s place in Delta Junction has grown to include a flour mill. While transitioning from raising sugar beets and
Dec 20, 2016

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Scott and Connie Plagerman

Alaskan farmer Scott Plagerman has always enjoyed doing his own thing. His approach to farming is no exception. “I guess I don’t like doing what everybody else is doing all the time,” he explains. “That’s most of the people up here farming. That’s kind of the way they are, doing
Dec 13, 2016

Why I Farm Roadtrip: Reflections from the Road

For the past six months, Natalina Sents, an Iowa native, has been living on the road sharing the stories of America’s farmers through blogs and photography on Beck’s Why I Farm Roadtrip. To date, Sents has interviewed more than 70 farmers throughout the Midwest and Northeast, and has even made