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Peter Martin
Aug 28, 2020

Peter Martin: Focus on Converting Fixed Costs to Variable

“Outsourcing, coincidentally, is also one of the top ways to help your business focus on what you do best.”

Peter Martin
Apr 07, 2020

Peter Martin: Loop Your Lender into Your Marketing Plan

Peter Martin: Loop Your Lender into Your Marketing Plan

Peter Martin
Mar 27, 2020

Peter Martin: Be Data Smart

“The game-changer for creating ROI will be the eventual connection of all these systems into an integrated network.”

Peter Martin
Feb 18, 2020

Peter Martin: Manage ‘Brilliant’ On-Farm Processes

Repeatable and scalable processes, combined with trained people, will keep your operation on track.

Peter Martin
Dec 16, 2019

Peter Martin: Which Bucket Defines You?

As we ponder another decade and crop year, it’s wise to take inventory of where your operation truly sits.

Peter Martin
Dec 10, 2019

Peter Martin: Why You Need Business Credit

Protect your farm business and your personal credit score.

Peter Martin
Nov 27, 2019

Peter Martin: Sell Land: Time To Do The Unthinkable?

Sell Land: Time To do the Unthinkable?

Apr 22, 2019

Peter Martin: Grow With Good Data

Success looks different from farm to farm. For some, it means adding more acreage, increasing revenues and improving margins. For others, it means optimizing operations or even improving the owner’s quality of life.

Mar 19, 2019

Peter Martin: Engage and Leverage Your Team

The most powerful weapon you have for weathering tough times walked into your office, barn or field today. He or she fed your livestock, tended your crops, tapped on a keyboard or got that piece of machinery running.